How to reach your Salesforce A-HA moment

I finally experienced my Salesforce A-HA moment. The realization that Salesforce is AWESOME and actually makes life 10x easier.

Before the BIG A- HA moment this was a pretty standard conversation at ToutApp.

TK: “Can you clean up Salesforce? Is Salesforce up to date?”

Me: “Yes… sorry I’ve been meaning to do that just haven’t had time. (my week excuse for avoiding Salesforce because it seemed like a beast to tackle. * I did see the end value, but the reality was I struggled to integrate Salesforce into my workflow, which resulted in it being “just another tab on my chrome”)”

My biggest piece of advice is take the time to set up Salesforce. Not halfway set it up, but go all the way. The hour or two (if you’re quick) or even the day you sacrifice will be worth it.

Three things to keep at the top of mind.

#1 You may need to tweak your workflow just a bit. Be flexible to change.
#2 Remember what has been successful in your sales process and incorporate these practices into your new Salesforce workflow.
#3 Mistakes are okay.

Let’s dive in…

#1 You may need to tweak your workflow just a bit. Be flexible to change.

Here’s how it all started. We sat down and decided to take advantage of the Salesforce Lead View. This is the moment my whole blog post was building up to!

Beforehand I’d been using opportunities and contacts, but without using leads these two views lost value.

Here’s how it works now:

The new lead comes in and another salesperson is about to discover how ToutApp will help them be more productive with their email and close more deals. Check out our tips on how to rock your lead gen here.

Whether it is a webinar lead or just one of our wonderful customers sending us a referral, the custom “New Leads” view shows me everyone who I should ultimately help be successful with ToutApp.

How do you manage leads and know who to follow up with?

Based on your own parameters here are some tips.

  1. Score leads. Some examples: qualified, unqualified, qualified- webinar lead, qualified- big deal, qualified- conference.
  2. Assign the lead owner to yourself or maybe it’s another person from your team. This makes it really easy to work from a lead list with your team. There is clear visibility to make sure all the leads are handled.
  3. Follow up with all your “qualified” leads at once by exporting a report from Salesforce and importing them into a ToutApp group. Then you can easily follow up with leads who are at the same stage of the sales process.

And finally convert qualified leads to contacts and create an opportunity (of course only if there is actually an opportunity there! Example… you’ve scored a demo.

Why is this such a game changer?

  • It is easy for leads to go cold pretty quickly, so being able to create a streamlined process for handling leads is key.
  • Scalability. When there is a clear, effective and simple process new guys can plug in.
  • I tweaked my workflow and was flexible to change. In the end now our team can handle more leads effectively. On a side note, I do have to give ToutApp templates some credit here for eliminating the time spent writing the same emails over and over.

#2 Remember what has been successful in your sales process and incorporate these practices into your new Salesforce workflow.

The biggest change for me is I start my day logging into Salesforce and jumping into the view for “New Leads”.

Although, Salesforce has changed my sales process the important thing to keep in mind is to not lose sight of the small practices that worked before.

Maybe this is as simple as a great template or asking the right questions on a call.

For ToutApp, our mantra is “Be Human”. I’ve made sure to not lose sight of this.

#3 Mistakes are okay.

I may have oversimplified the Salesforce setup just a bit in my post. The reality is either you or someone on your team needs to be Salesforce savvy or have the drive to tackle the ins and outs.

Mistakes are inevitable. It may take a few tries to get the filters perfect, mismark a lead, navigate through FAQ’s to find an answer or clean up some of the earlier mess.

We had some minor road bumps along the way and I am sure we’ll run into others, but here’s what it comes down to…

The conversation after the Salesforce AH-HA moment.

Me: “TK, I’ve come to the conclusion… Salesforce is GREAT. Now I know why everyone has been raving about it including you! This change just made my workflow way better.”

TK: “You should write a blog post about it.”

If you’re already a ToutApp user check out why you should integrate with Salesforce here.

If you’re a Salesforce user be sure to start your ToutApp Trial here to see how we help make email follow up easier and save time with your day-to- day emails.

Feel free to email me at with any questions or share any of your own Salesforce tips!