How to Fix Inconsistency in Your Sales Process

Every Sales Leader wonders, why can’t every single rep perform like their top performer? Top performers consistently outpace the rest of the team by an order of magnitude. The Sales Leader’s challenge is how to identify what’s working for top performers, and implement it across the team.

What’s the single thing that you believe will make your team successful? Consistency. A well defined sales process aided by Sales Enablement yields consistent messaging and processes to get to a successful sale. Great Sales Leaders refer to it as “one smooth sales motion” and the key to achieving it is driving consistency across your team.

Traditionally, Sales Leaders have tried to instill best practices and consistency through hours of sales training in a sales kickoff. But, studies show that within 30 days of a training event, 79% of what people have been taught is forgotten.

Today, Sales Leaders are investing in two areas and embracing consistency using software that reinforces best practices, consistent messaging and consistent actions at every stage of the sales process.

Investment #1 – Driving Consistent Messaging in the Sales Process

According to TeleSmart Communications, only 13% of customers believe a Salesperson can understand their needs. To overcome this challenge, you need to match your product’s value to a customer’s pain points. That’s where very crisp messaging comes in.

Common cases where you want to define consistent messaging includes:

  • Messaging tying a customer’s pain to your product’s value proposition
  • Clearly articulating the ROI your product delivers for your customer
  • Accurately articulating how your product differs to competitors in the market
  • Collaborating with Marketing to create clear collateral that will helps navigate negotiations through procurement, security reviews and other gatekeepers.

In delivering a consistent message that resonates with a customer’s pain points and business needs, it shows customers that your reps are actively listening to customers and working to solve pain points.

Field Sales forces and Inside Sales machines still have to follow up on critical meetings with well crafted messaging over email, articulate value over the phone to drive a deal forward, and even embrace social media to forge relationships casually.

In all of these interactions, having a clear strategy in messaging is consequential.

Investment #2 – Driving Consistent Actions in Your Playbook

The second investment in driving consistency revolves around standardizing the sales process across the team. This means having your reps follow a consistent, repeatable and documented sales process of delivering value and consistent messaging at every stage.  

A consistent sales process solidifies the following outcomes:

  • Qualified pipeline at the appropriate sales stages
  • Accurate visibility into state of pipeline
  • Improved visibility to enable accurate forecasting
  • Health of opportunities in pipeline

You need a way to measure that reps are following the process and checking off the box of “I sent this email at this stage,” before sending out the next communication. Being able to measure the process gives Sales leaders visibility into:

  • Where deals are in the pipeline
  • Where reps are getting stuck
  • Being able to predict how reps are performing in relation to their number

How to Beat the Challenge

Sales Leaders today utilize ToutApp’s platform to automatically recommend the best messaging that alleviates customer pain, drive consistent actions with your playbook and aligns Sales and Marketing together.

For a deeper dive into a Sales Leader’s challenges, stay tuned to our blog for the second installment next week. Or, to take immediate action, download our latest eBook the Sales Leader’s Guide to Building a Revenue Generating Machine.

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