How I Found My Dream Job

It was only about a year ago I had dreadlocks, a nose ring, and a poor work ethic. Last spring, I was aimlessly making my way through my last semester at UC Santa Barbara. If you asked me what I wanted to do after graduation, I would have told you these three things: juggle a few part-time gigs, surf, and avoid getting a “real job”. Little did I know that in less than a year, I’d be moving to San Francisco and working my butt off as a “career woman.” And? Abso-freaken-lutely loving it!

My journey began when I realized it wasn’t realistic to make $10 an hour and afford living in Santa Barbara. So the (un)dreaded search began. I brushed out my hair, took out my nose ring, and got “a Linkedin.” I had to sorrowfully accept that the end was near, and the “good times” were a thing of the past. I was joining the real world. It was the inevitable. But, what was it that I wanted to do? Well, I love building relationships and I am passionate about helping others. So, I found myself interviewing for sales jobs, which was the LAST thing I ever thought I’d be doing after college. Emailing and making calls vs teaching kids to surf? Never in a million years.

Job #1: The Warm-up

I ended up working at a “startup” in the Silicon Valley selling software to law enforcement (talk about a hard sell). Let’s just say it wasn’t a good fit for me. I didn’t connect with the customers and I didn’t believe in the product. Let’s be real here, you can’t be successful in sales when you are selling a product you don’t believe in. “Yeah, you should totally spend $80,000 dollars on this crap. It’s TOTALLY going to help you”. So, I made up my mind…it was time for something new. I knew that I still wanted to be in sales, but I needed to find a product that I was passionate about, helped people, and had customers that I connected with.

Job #2: The Dream Job

I interviewed at Tout and within minutes I knew that it was the one– my dream job. Tout was a product that I could get behind, and it was also something that was impacting people’s lives in a positive way. It’s not something that I had to trick people into buying. It’s something that I love and believe helps people be better at their jobs. And the customers are AWESOME. I get to talk to salespeople all day long. Let’s just say that sales people are WAY easier to qualify on a call than police officers (No offense to any police officers reading this). So, I relocated to San Francisco, started working at Tout, and have never been happier.

My advice for a person looking for their dream job too? It’s simple.

  1. Love what you do
  2. Love the product
  3. Love the people you sell to

I couldn’t feel luckier to have found all of these things at ToutApp.  If you don’t have my 3 must-haves, I suggest looking for the next big thing. It’s worth it.

Want to land your dream job? ToutApp is hiring. Check out our open positions at our job board!