How the RxHousing Team Responds to Hundreds of Inbound Leads Every Day

If you need housing, RxHousing's got it. As a premier corporate housing provider, RxHousing works with great clients all over the country.They're constantly working with hundreds of customers at once, adapting to everyone's needs, and responding quickly and efficiently to all their inbound leads.

With So Many Options, a Consistent Message is Hard

The RxHousing team has so many options to share with their clients, and each one is a little bit different. It's challenging to maintain a consistent message when you're talking to so many people at once. On top of that, choosing housing is a very personal decision. Nobody wants to feel like they're on a mass-mailing list when they are selecting their home, whether temporary or permanent.

Because RxHousing is so committed to a high level of service, they needed a way to send personalized messages without losing key details that outline housing options for their clients. RxHousing also has a large team of people working to find housing for their clients, so they needed to quickly edit and share key messages with their team.

The Fast Way for Teams to Communicate with Leads

RxHousing decided to use Tout to send emails to leads. They loved that the user-interface was so intuitive to understand, because they didn't have to spend time training their team on how to use it – it just worked. They can send personalized messages that are customizable to the individual in just a few seconds. Things move quickly at RxHousing, and with team templates, when one person makes an update to an email, it's immediately distributed to the entire team, so there's no chance for mixed messages. Plus, rich CRM integration means that updating the CRM is one less step they have to worry about.

Tout helps RxHousing stop worrying about the little details of managing their email, so they can get back to helping hundreds of happy house hunters.

If you're ready for your team to communicate with leads faster, take a page from RxHousing's book and try Tout today.