How Gilbert Zammit, Founder of IT Channel Insight, Creates Real Value from his Network using Toutapp

Throughout his career, Gilbert Zammit saw a need for a better place for IT channel news and industry information. That’s why he created IT Channel Insight, a site that helps providers of IT managed services run their business.

Tons of New Contacts, but No Easy Way to Build a Relationship

Like all professionals, Gilbert relied on the insights and opportunities provided to him by his ever-expanding network. On a daily basis, he met new people who truly had the potential to impact his business – but only if he managed to establish a genuine relationship with them. In order to do that, he spent hours writing and re-writing different emails to his new contacts, and then he could only hope that people would see and read his emails.

Toutapp Saves the Day!

Once Gilbert started using Toutapp, he was able to write different templates to reach out to his new contacts. Using Toutapp templates saved him a lot of time, and the added analytics solved a huge problem for him. Now when Gilbert sends emails about IT Channel Insight, he knows if those emails have been opened, clicked or left unopened in someone’s inbox, and he can follow up accordingly. Now Gilbert can take his networking and relationship-building to the next level, which in turn helps make IT Channel Insight even better.

Why You Should Check Out IT Channel Insight


Gilbert has really made use of all his professional contacts and relationships to build his website into an extremely valuable wealth of information for IT professionals. He recognizes the importance of building ideas and growing a business by learning from the experiences of others, and that’s exactly why IT Channel Insight is such a well-respected site. If you’re looking for information about IT channel partners and MSPs, IT Channel Insight is the place to go. You can follow IT Channel Insight on Twitter

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