How do top salespeople kill their quota?

I talk to a lot of sales folks day in and day out figuring out how they can get a leg up in prospecting, score more meetings, have more time for happy hour and ultimately close more deals faster.

Tout has a lot of awesome features, but the biggest question is how to actually apply these features to “real life”?

So I put together some of the best ways top producing Sales Development Reps, Account Executives, Account Managers and Sales Directors leverage Tout.

1. Templatize

For reps dealing with a lower volume of emails, enterprise accounts, the big guns and super personalized emails surprisingly there is actually a good use for Tout templates.

If you are a top rep, you should not be wasting your time copy and pasting or typing the same framework of a message over and over. You and me both know you have way better things you could be doing.

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Here are 3 scenarios when a template may come in handy.

  • The initial “demo or meeting” follow up email. How many times have you almost forgotten to send an email right after your demo or meeting because you’re still celebrating how great it went?
  • Event invites or conference follow ups. It’s way more effective to have an invite come from a sales rep than from marketing.
  • Prospecting emails. A/B test what type of messaging gets more meetings.

Tout best practice: Create real basic templates that you can go in and personalize. For cold emails, I always add an extra few lines around why I am am reaching out to my specific prospect, a quick note around a trigger event about their company or in the best case scenario the name of the person who referred me to chat with them.

2. Email campaigns for salespeople

You probably know as well as I do that  follow ups are so crucial in sales. On the flip side remembering to follow up is a big pain. Tout’s auto follow ups basically give you a mini personal assistant.

The best part about Tout’s email campaigns are they are dead simple to use.

When should you “launch” your campaign?

  • Nurturing a lead during their trial to conversion
  • If your goal is to get a meeting with a prospect, set up a series of 3, 5, or maybe even more emails until you set up a call.
  • Providing your leads, prospects or customers helpful content.

Tout best practice: People are busy. They might be interested, but just forget to respond. I’ve found response rates to be highest at during the 2nd and 3rd touch. Even after the 5th. Don’t give up.

3. Real time insight into your leads

Have you ever wanted to ask your prospect “hey, are you alive or did you just fall off the face of the earth?”

You’ve had a number of calls, demos, a series of emails, sent a proposal and all of a sudden there’s the moment of silence….

Here’s some ways Tout tracking helps you become a better sales rep.

(Rather than just a creeper who can see that someone is opening their emails.)

  • Going back to my example when a lead or decision maker goes cold, leverage tracking to time your follow up to close a deal is key. How many times should you follow up with someone, when should you follow up after not getting a response or how do you follow up consistently but always add value? Timing is key and everyone’s buying process is different. Use the insight you have to time your email or phone follow up. You might not have the reply in your inbox yet, but you can tell they are working through the decision making process by reviewing your email multiple times, flipping through your proposal or even forwarding along to others.
  •  I recommend also applying this idea of timing to getting your foot in the door and setting up an initial call.
  • Your time is precious. Chasing down dead leads? Focus your efforts and spend your time on your most engaged leads.

Tout best practice: Give someone a call with in a few minutes of them opening your email or even that same day.

Boom! You scored a meeting and closed the deal. $$$

Two great success stories from this week

A rep was working to get into an account for a while. They went through all the standard hurdles and hoops of prospecting. They kept pursuing the lead because they saw there was a ton of engagment around emails that never were replied to.  They used LinkedIn to find out the company had gone through a series of leadership changes and Tout to strategically reach out creating the perfect strom.  A combination of awesome sales talent, persistancy and timing led to a demo. Which I heard went really well…

My all time favorite is from a rep who was almost to the finish line and couldn’t get a hold of the decision maker. He viewed the the email. Within the hour she gave him a call. He said, “So sorry I’ve been incredibly busy. This was just on my mind, let’s do this.” She closed the deal.

Lastly, if you’re already on Tout, keep rocking.  If you’re in sales are are not on Tout yet, you really should start a trial and talk to one of our Happiness Officers for a demo.


Your thoughts? Comment below. Would love to here what you think.