How Cole Sickler Keeps Customers Coming Back

Cole Sickler, Marketing Associate and Community Manager for Crave, is a part of a killer team.  He helps build what every business owner wants – a profitable, growing company, with a deeply loyal customer base. Crave is an online marketplace for collectibles that makes buying and selling items like Star Wars collectibles easy as pie. What makes Crave's customers stand out is how passionate they are, both about what they're collecting and about how much they love Crave. Plus, Crave offers a place for people who love collectibles to connect, start discussions, and get to know each other. Many Crave buyers and sellers have even said they'll never use another site for collectibles again!


How did Cole Help Build a Product People Love So Much?

Crave exists because there was a clear need for a marketplace for collectibles. It's Cole's role to provide keen insight into what people want, and he's always making a consistent effort to discover and adapt to their changing needs. His effort has helped make Crave what it is today.

Cole tried a variety of marketing tools, and he found that segmenting Crave customers and communicating with them about their specific needs was an invaluable way to get feedback for Crave. In this case, he wanted to keep it simple. A personalized, plain-text email goes a lot further in getting a response than a complicated HTML email that looks like a million people received it.

Can You Communicate Effectively on a Large Scale?

Once Crave had a solidly established user base, sending out emails one by one became too tedious. Cole decided to try a mass email tool, but it was too complicated to quickly send HTML emails, especially when all he wanted was to send a quick update to a group of customers. Cole decided to try Tout, and he loved how intuitive and to-the-point it was.

All you have to do is write a template, pick an email, and send. With other services we've used, each and every step is laborious. After making the list we would need to make change after change. And a change here means a format shift here, and it just takes too much time to get a message out. Tout has done a good job of streamlining the process.

As Crave grows, Cole is still able to reach out to new customers and Crave's most loyal users, and he gets the engagement and feedback he needs to grow the company. Plus, Crave's customers know they're valued, so they're happy to help! If you're ready to develop your customer base, get feedback where you need it, and let your customers know how awesome you think they are, try Tout today. It's the simple way to communicate.