How Cheryl Yeoh, a Startup CEO, Supercharges her PR, Customer Development and Outreach Efforts with ToutApp

Today we’d like to introduce Cheryl Yeoh, the co-founder of CityPockets, a personal deal organizer and voucher marketplace. She also happens to be a hardcore Tout user.

Cheryl and her team uses Tout for their marketing outreach, media relations and customer development. Keep reading to find out why.

The Problem: Pre-Tout

Building a young startup, Cheryl first began promoting her service among daily deal purchasers, the main users of the site. She also sent messages to journalists and reporters, drumming up buzz and building awareness around her company. With so many similarly worded emails, she kept copying and pasting the same few paragraphs of text over and over and over—leaving her with less time to actually personalize the content.

To make things worse, she realized an additional quirk with Gmail:

“I’d copy and paste a previous email, which I hate to do because in Gmail the copy and pasted part always appears a different color than my new typing so it’s extremely obvious (and embarrassing) that the receiver of my email would know that I copied and pasted the email.”

How Tout Saved The Day

With Tout’s templates, analytics and scheduling, Cheryl finally had an e-mail tool that assisted with both her customer outreach and her public relations. This not only saved her time, but helped her spread the word about CityPocktes faster and more effectively.

She was able to save time pushing out emails with very similar content, leaving her with extra time to personalize each e-mail. She used it to send out PR pitches to various media personnel, send personalized surveys to customers to get feedback, and even employ it as a customer service tool to help customers make the most of her awesome service.

/>In just a brief period of time, Cheryl was able to transform her personal email marketing efforts into something substantial and trackable. By being able to track views and clicks she became adept at effectually tweaking her messages, to best appeal to the targeted audience and actually receive responses.

Why you should also check out CityPockets

We’ve all been there. A coupon arrives in our inbox and is intriguing enough that we visit the website and end up buying the deal. From offering discounts on restaurants to massages, the social purchase scene has recently exploded in the number of companies seeking to make a name for themselves, much to the delight of bargain-hunting potential customers.

Cheryl Yeoh was one of those clients. With so many deals on the market, it was effortless to purchase multiple vouchers and then just as quickly forget about them. She realized that without some sort of management system, the deals could potentially expire without ever having been used. With this in mind, Yeoh developed
, a service that stores, tracks and manages all purchased deals in one respository.

Are you using Tout yet?

This is just one user case in which Tout was able to save a customer time and effort. Cheryl is hardly unique in this aspect; many of our customers maximize Tout to their advantage in sending PR pitches, doing customer development and improving the customer service experience.