Here’s 4 Reasons Why your Customers Aren’t Replying

For any company, communicating with your customer base is essential. It can also be very frustrating.

I see this daily with some of our users, whether they’re emailing prospects, current customers, or even potential new employers. Someone will write to us claiming that their Tout analytics aren’t working because no one’s opened the emails they sent. I check and, yes, their emails have been sent. It’s just that no one has opened or responded to them.

All too often, this has to do with the email itself, and I get to tell them: Okay, everything on our end seems to be fine. But maybe your messaging isn’t working?

Here’s 4 common trends I’ve noticed in their communications and also in my own emails:

1) Your tone is too formal.

How would you write an email to your best friend? A sibling? Parent? Got that in your head?

Now think about how you’d write an email to a current customer or prospect.

If these two scenarios are entirely different, I urge you to reconsider your tone. No one wants to be addressed as “Dear Sir or Madam.” In fact, I’d argue that tone makes emails seem grossly automated rather than appropriately deferential. Keep it casual, keep it light, and keep in mind you’re a human talking to other humans.

2) Your email is too long.

No matter what you’re saying to your customers, it should not take two pages of text to say it. So if you find yourself saying the same thing over and over again in an email, stop. Eliminate redundancy. And move on. If you feel yourself getting particularly verbose in your writing, more often than not you’ll likely need to take a step back and assess how to best cut down on your extra words.

3) You’ve got large blocks of text.

I’ve separated this blog entry into different items so that you’re not staring at a huge page of text with no breaks. Try to do something similar by breaking paragraphs often or making lists:

  1. Put yourself in the mind of the customer
  2. Create a process for them to follow
  3. Order this so that you are providing an organized breakdown of a list for them

Also, don’t forget to bold important pieces of content so they don’t get lost.

4) You’ve forgotten a call to action.

What are you trying to get your customer to do? It’s important to make this call to action pretty clear from the start and crystal clear at the end. Signing off on your emails with a “Just wanted to say hi….”, a “give me a call if,” or similar is a weak call to action that requires too much effort to act on.

Instead, ask your customers if 12pm on Tuesday works for a call to talk to them. Send them a link to a relevant article. Offer them a special deal or a walkthrough of your product. Include tracking links (we generate these automatically when you send emails through our service) so you can see how well each of your calls to action work.

I hope this helps! What other tactics have you found to increase engagement through your communications?