Hello from ToutApp’s New Director of Sales & Business Development


Hello, I’m Cynthia, and I just joined Tout!  I’m very excited to be joining the company at this key phase of its development, and to be a part of the future of how we all communicate via email. Here’s a little bit about me, and how I came to be a part of the Tout team:

Much of my career was spent in enterprise software sales, pitching big six-figure software systems such as enterprise search, content management and internal help desk tools to corporate CIOs. This experience was great because it taught me how to analyze business issues and develop & present technological solutions to solve them. It also taught me the golden rule of ROI, namely, the bigger the better! Some of the companies I’ve worked for include AltaVista, Equilibrium, and Netopia.

In 2002, the business climate was changing, and I was ready to try something new and very different. I founded a bootstrapped eCommerce startup specializing in ultra- luxury handbags, and within 18 months had grown the business to a $2M revenue roll.
I truly enjoyed the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur, and of course the success was enjoyable too, but when my twin children were born in 2008 I chose to move on from that role to that of a stay at home Mom. I lasted six months. If you have kids, you understand!
In my next role, I headed up business development for a family-owned commercial supply business in NYC. I was responsible for the automation of many significant aspects of the business, online and offline marketing, as well as hiring training and managing a sales force. Once the CRM and POS systems and sales team were fully in place and running smoothly, I felt that my work there was done. I was ready to return to the tech startup world.
Which brings me to Tout. I first learned of Tout, and TK, via Twitter, where I was following the 500 Startups accelerator. I already knew that I wanted to work with a startup, and when I read TK’s Tumblr on the activities of a founder the day after funding, I knew I’d found a winner. His passion and vision were apparent, and as anyone who has ever held a job or started a company knows: email really is broken and needs to be fixed. I wrote him an email that same day, we met for lunch a few days later on his latest whirlwind trip to New York, and the rest is history!

I’m truly excited to be joining Tout, and about the great things the team has in store for the future. My responsibilities will include direct and organizational sales, business development partnerships, as well as marketing, and most likely some window- washing, airport-shuttling, and lunch-ordering since this is a true startup! I’m ready and willing to jump in with both feet, and I hope you’ll join us on the journey. Please do feel free to contact me for any sales, partnership, or business development inquiries. I can be reached at cynthia@toutapp.com, or on twitter @cynthiaschames. I look forward to hearing from you!