Happiness is not just for clowns. What it’s like joining Ronald McDonald as a “Happiness Officer”

When I think of McDonalds a few things come to mind. Big Macs and Ronald. While Big Macs make people incredibly happy– Ronald McDonald is actually coined as the company's “Chief Happiness Officer” over the burger.

Why do I love my job?  I get to make people happy. Here’s a roundup of my week so far patrolling Tout and San Francisco for happiness.

I get asked a few times a day “Are you serious? You’re a Happiness Officer!” Yes, that’s my real title here at ToutApp. I’ll even show you my business card or you should check out my LinkedIn. You can even apply to be a Happiness Officer with me. Often I conceptualize my title in a number of ways including customer success, sales, taking away the pain of email, helping sales teams leverage an awesome tool, the more common known Account Executive and so on…

Today I decided to keep simple and take on the literal role of a Happiness Officer. The decision sparked after recently signing up for Gretchen Rubin’s “Moment of Happiness”, where she sends me a quote everyday to deliver a dose of happiness. (I admit.. I am one of those folks that actually gets a kick out of motivational videos, quotes, posters and books)

Here’s a freebie for you
The true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life. –William Morris

As a Happiness Officer I’ve been taking mental notes of all the little acts of kindness I’ve observed right in the heart of San Francisco. It is my job after all to patrol Happiness. Here are just a few I’ve jotted down.

My Top 5 Little Moments of Happiness

1. PostMates ( a great delivery service) just came into the Tout office. “I have a delivery for Ali.” She opened up the bag to find that Joey The Cat sent her a get well soon package. She mentioned she wasn’t feeling well as an afterthought to him this morning.

2. I typically go to the same few places downtown for lunch. I ran out for a late lunch this week to one of my goto spots– Mixt Greens. (It was one of those days– a rough day is the best way to describe it. Those days when a silly sequence of events happens like missing the bus twice or a call doesn’t go as well as you hoped) Right after I paid, one of my favorite employees reached over to hand me a lemonade. It was such a simple gesture, but seriously made my day.

3. Coffee and a date. Jen made her daily trip to Starbucks only to double her order one morning. Instead of her usual iced coffee she brought a homeless man in need a cup of joe. His response— will you be my girlfriend?

4. This one goes way back. During my first day riding the bus after I moved to San Francisco I didn’t have all the pieces put together. I probably should have Googled “How much does the bus cost in SF?” Instead I got on the bus and realized I didn’t have the $2 fare. I was scrambling for change as the bus was moving and a guy who was waiting with me at the bus stop just a few minutes earlier reached out and put $2 in the machine.

5. Going through my inbox and finding an introduction from a Tout customer connecting me to one of their friends or coworkers. Thanks guys! I really do love referrals and appreciate you spreading the good word. 

Hope this brightened up your day. If not, happy hour is only a few hours away!