Five Strategies Every Quota Crushing Account Executive Knows

Closing deals is no walk in the park. It’s an art and science that is a skillful combination of both just to make it across the finish line. With quota targets on the rise, Sales leaders are scrambling to ramp their Account Executives faster. Before we dive in, we need to think about what separates a high-performing Account Executive from a run-of-the-mill closer.

Not sure where to start? It’s simple: Quota crushing Account Executives have mastered the art of strategizing. They know when and how to put together an account-specific strategy that moves deals forward. We’ve narrowed down the list to the top five strategies that every high-performing Account Executive should master.

1. They Listen

Great Account Executives listen more than they speak and aim to get a deep understanding of their prospect’s needs in order to find a solution. When companies set out to hire Account Executives, one of the top qualifications is “the gift of gab,” or the ability to effectively communicate and be persuasive. Yes, that’s one part of Sales. But, above all, Account Executives need to be able to listen and understand their prospects.

With 70% of the buyer’s journey completed before a prospect talk to Sales, deploying a strategy where the Account Executive talks 80% of the time isn’t an effective approach. Instead, let the prospect do most of the talking while the rep absorbs information and prescribe a solution.

2. They Are Human

This strategy seems like a no-brainer, but there are Account Executives out there that are solely focused on closing the deal that they’ll dehumanize the sales process by sending out poorly written emails that lack value. We found that the best Account Executives are human, not only in biology—but in their demeanor, attitude and outreach.

With being human, those high-performing Account Executives are always learning, growing and doing more to help solve their customer’s pain points. These Account Executives aren’t trying to show off to their managers how many emails they can send in a day, rather they’re focused on prescribing a solution for their prospects.

3. They Know When to Pick Up the Phone

Coupled with being human, great Account Executives know that sales is also about timing. Even though studies show that customers prefer emails as their mode of communication, and we’ve built an entire platform around email—knowing when to pick up the phone is still an effective sales strategy.

Talking to a prospect voice-to-voice or human-to-human is a powerful tool in any Account Executive’s toolkit. The power of a phone call isn’t going anywhere. Think about it: when you have something urgent you’d like to accomplish, do you send it via email? No. It’s typically communicated in real-time, over the phone. So, don’t write off the phone call just yet. For deeper insight on how to optimize your sales calls, read on.

4. They Keep Up with Sales Trends

We believe that Social Selling is more than a buzzword. Instead, we believe that it’s a must-have strategy for every Account Executive looking to crush their quota. Through Social Selling, Account Executives are able to enter the buyer’s journey and begin to earn a buyer’s trust sooner in the process. Second, the Account Executive is able to get a better grasp of a prospect’s pain points, their interests and understand their motivations to purchase a solution.

Sales isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. But with Social Selling and employing the above strategies, an Account Executive can be resourceful and make an impact in the buyer’s journey.

5. They’re Coachable

High-performing Account Executives didn’t get there on their own. They’ve all worked alongside strong Sales leaders who have helped them along the way, but above all, those Account Executives are coachable. The greatest athletes are coachable, why shouldn’t the best Account Executives be coachable as well?

Sales is a sport. And the best Account Executives are willing to learn new methods, have the ability to adapt to any sales scenario and are receptive to feedback.


With these five strategies at hand, every Account Executive should be ready for any sales scenario that they’re thrown into and know how to handle challenges. Remember, good sales starts with having the right Salesperson and knowing how to balance the art and science of it all.

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