Feature of the Week: Save Your Searches

As a Salesperson, one of your main goals is to cut out the “busy work” and get to the point… Selling!

Here’s a tip where you can do exactly that. We want to remind you about the “Saved Search” function on our emails page. Since copy/pasting is for amateurs, here’s a way to remember searches that you’re often looking up.

Some examples where you’d use this:

  • To always get a quick macro view of all of the people that are highly engaged, but have yet to respond to your emails. (Views, Clicks, and obvious interest but No Response).
  • If you’re sending group emails, you can save your search for that specific group and filter by engagement level.
  • Managers can filter by emails sent across the team, and quickly look up reps. (ie. Which templates did Brittany use, and what was her engagement this week?)
  • When you want to quickly filter a person or company by time, and find yourself doing this often. ( Yesterday, Last week, 90 Days, etc.)
  • Filtering your “successes.” Whether you define success as getting a meeting, a response, or closing a deal, you can use saved searches to quickly do this. (Also helps you see engagement on a macro level)
  • When you want to quickly see which activity has “no activity.” Since you’re not going in blindly, you can stop communication/wasting time if there isn’t any traction with a  lead.
  • If you’re testing your messaging, you can look up the contacts or groups you want to do so.
  • You want to find groups that have certain criteria for automated drip campaigns .

Sample of what you can search:


If you have an idea for Feature of the Week, I’d love to hear your thoughts.