Farzad Firoz Wins a Year of Toutapp VIP for Discovering Our Secret LinkedIn Feature

We’ve been seeing an awesome response from our customers about the LinkedIn integration we announced last week. Although we made it super easy to hook into your LinkedIn connections and use Tout to start messaging them faster, I still wasn’t completely happy with the workflow and the experience that we had.

People browse LinkedIn profiles, they view the rich information that is in there, and then they choose to message people they want to talk to. Given that workflow, it became pretty obvious to me that we needed to be as close to the Profile viewing experience as possible.

So I took a few hours two nights ago and hacked together an update to our Chrome and Firefox extensions that would place an additional button inside of LinkedIn profiles—which you could click to quickly send a Tout-based LinkedIn message to the person whose profile you are viewing.

As 4am rolled around, to make things more interesting, I decided to kick off a little scavenger hunt (instead of just announcing the new feature). Here’s the tweet that kicked it off:

In a matter of hours, Farzad, who already happens to be a paying customer at Tout, tweeted at me with his discovery. He had found the LinkedIn update! My hypothesis proved true—this was indeed the natural workflow and even such a simple button injected into a profile was discovered pretty quickly by Farzad: because it makes so much damn sense for it to be there!

Anyway—I’m really excited about the potential LinkedIn+Tout holds and am looking forward to giving more of what our customers want. But for now, Congratulations Farzad! You just won a full 1-year of Toutapp VIP.

If you’d like to be able to quickly send Tout-based LinkedIn messages, just install our Chrome or Firefox extension.

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