Embrace the Mute Button

Jessica Green October 17, 2016

This article was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.

You’ve got a big call coming up.

  • You know your stuff when it comes to the value that your company, product and services provide to customer similar to your prospect.
  • You did your research on the person you are speaking with and the company they are a part of. You have a sense of the challenges and goals of someone in that role.
  • You’ve got the sales strategies you need to identify pain, connect that pain to the value that your organization provides and get validation that this is a potential solution.

Sounds like you’re ready to knock this call out of the park… right?

Not too fast. All of this prep can have an unintended outcome…Talking MORE than your prospect.We know you meant well but all that talking could’ve lost you an opportunity to learn and even missed a shot to earn another call.

So what do you do?

4 tips to make the most out of every live call you have as a sales rep:

  1. Be a student of your craft and record your own calls. You can simply record and listen or invest in a new category of sales technology that can break down your call for you.
  2. Get comfortable with uncomfortable silence. Yup. Own it. And if you still have the urge to talk…
  3. EMBRACE THE MUTE BUTTON. To this day the mute button is my best friend on calls. After almost 10 years in sales I still have the urge to talk when I get excited about where the conversation is headed. I could end up leading my prospects to the answer I am looking for, instead of letting them get there themselves (SO much more powerful). The difference between me now and me 10 years ago — I have become more self-aware when it comes to the balance (or imbalance) in a conversation. I now use the mute button to help control myself in my moments of weakness and I coach my team to do the same.
  4. Focus your prep work on understanding the persona, crafting the most relevant and thought-provoking questions and warming up your mute button. If you ask great questions and wait for the response…magic happens.

If you see me peering over my desk and waving my arms on a call – it often means – ‘Sh, wait it out!’ More often than not the next line out of the prospects mouth is an invaluable piece of information that builds the relationship and helps solidify our understanding of where we can work together in the most impactful way.

  • Richard Benchimol

    Thanks for the post. I never thought of # 3, ever! I will remember the tip from now on. Thanks again.
    Richard Benchimol
    Leads Indeed http://www.leadsindeed.com