Don’t Send Emails on Behalf of Sales

Often times marketing will send emails on behalf of sales. And that’s a disservice to the sales process. No one wants a sales email that’s disguised as a marketing email.

Marketing emails are designed to look attractive and eye-catching that promote your product, an upcoming event, popular posts on the company blog, etc. Marketing emails package information and wrap on-brand color bow around it and there’s usually little to no personalization within the body of the email. That doesn’t work for sales emails.

Sometimes in marketing automation, marketing will send sales emails for sales. Those emails, whether a salesperson is sending them or Marketing is sending them, they must look and feel like sales emails. Here’s what you need to do before you send your next sales email:

Send a Real Email

Sales is about building authentic relationships with prospects that rely on the exchange of knowledge, information and concerns. You need to show that you’re a human, not a sales bot. First step: make sure you’re sending emails from your email address. None of this and more of this

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Sending a real email, from a real email address automatically gives your email a personal touch and sets the tone for the rest of your email. Using the appropriate language, like sales language, when sending sales emails is an easy way to show that you’re a human to your prospects.

Offer Valuable Information

Today, 65% of all email gets opened on a mobile device. To cut through the inbox noise, you have to make a great first impression and that starts with your subject line. Your subject line must offer something valuable right away. There are tools that will help you uncover the best performing subject lines and allow you to A/B test all within platform.

Then, you need to build on that momentum and continue to offer valuable information that keeps readers motivated to read the actual email. How do you do this? You hyper-personalize your email with a {{Hi First_Name}} and immediately get to the point and address their concerns or give them a unique industry perspective.

Keep It Simple

The body of your email must be hyper-personalized. In building on what we’ve learned above about offering valuable information, to take your emails to the next level – you have to keep them simple. Don’t overcomplicate it with too much jargon, too much text or too many links.

Often times marketing emails are too long, too broad and have too many ideas going on at once. Those emails confuse the reader. Instead, keep your emails focused on one topic with one blog article, research study or other hyper-relevant links. Why? Because it makes it easier on your prospects and it drives attention to your overall message.

Have One Call to Action

The point of any sales email is to offer a unique benefit, whether it’s a new way to look at a prospect’s industry or trial a new productivity platform. Keep your sales email to a singular CTA. And don’t be afraid to be upfront and honest about the next steps. If you want to schedule a call – ask. If you want them to download an eBook – provide the link. If you have a specific question to ask – ask them. Explicitly tell your prospect at the end of the email what their next steps are if they’re interested.

Partner with Marketing

Armed with these learnings, it’s not to say that sales and marketing can’t work together to create great sales emails. In fact, sales and marketing should world together on email templates that focus on the right messaging to connect with prospects.

Having marketing send your sales emails isn’t authentic. Often times they can do more harm than help the situation. But when sales and marketing collaborate, they can start effective conversations through emails.

Get More Information

Translating what works for marketing into sales strategy isn’t the answer. But, taking elements from marketing might be the silver bullet. If you want more information on how to write the best sales emails, read our eBook on the very subject:

  • Kyle Poretto

    I couldn’t agree with the points mentioned here more. There is nothing more infuriating than receiving an email “from” sales that clearly was part of a demand gen program. Just put the sales email process in place!

    • Tina Nguyen

      Thanks for your feedback Kyle.

  • Concerned User

    “It’s an simple text-based email” should be “a” not “an”

    • ’14

      “you write an catch-up email” should be “a” not “an”

      Come on Tina.

  • Charlie Jefferson

    I really like your tips Tina :-) Right now I’m creating a new campaign in my GetResponse platform and your advices is so useful for me!