Don’t Let Marketing Write Your Sales Emails

I got this email in my Inbox this morning. The subject line clearly caught my attention so I opened the email. However, once I did, I was immediately disappointed. Here’s why:

These kind of emails “created by Marketing” and “sent by Salespeople” are way too common in B2B – however they yield very little actual results.

First, lets quickly highlight the three things they did do well in this email:

  • They had a compelling subject line. Most emails never get opened; however, subject lines always get seen, so make it count.
  • The FROM address had an actual person. Unless you’re a well recognized brand, having an actual person’s name will give your email a more personalized vibe vs. a “Great, they’re just going to try to sell me something I don’t need” vibe.
  • They sent the email on Martin Luther King Day. While a lot of people suggest NOT sending emails on weekends and holidays, our tracking data says holidays show just as much email open activity as normal days.

Before you send that next sales email, make sure you don’t let Marketing make the same 5 mistakes. Here’s what you should do:

  • Send a real email. Not a marketing email. Sales is all about forging relationships and offering unique knowledge that can help the lead and prospect. So, send a real email and show that there is a human being on the other side of that line.
  • Offer something valuable These days, most people’s inboxes move and fill up as fast as their Twitter feeds. So you really need to make an impression through your subject line. For the 40% of people that do open you email, you then need to offer them something of value right off the bat. So save the marketing speak and offer them some unique insight or an opportunity to get unique insight into a problem they care about.Interestingly enough, this has always been true in Sales, but it is also becoming more and more true in Marketing as well with the advent of Content Marketing.
  • Have a clear call to a action “Contact Us” “Here’s our LOGO” or a link to your website is not enough. People don’t have time to think. Tell the person at the end of your email what they should do if they are interested. You can link to more information, link to your calendar, or just simply say “reply to this email if you want to set up a time to chat”

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Don’t get us wrong. Over here at ToutApp, we help countless B2B companies drive sales and marketing alignment. However, taking the same things that work in email marketing and applying it to sales emails is not the answer.

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