Cynthia joins Team Toutapp to lead up Sales and Business Development

Today, I’d like to welcome Cynthia Schames, the newest member of Team Toutapp!

I set an explicit goal at the beginning of this summer to turn this company from the “Royal We” a.k.a. just me running the company to a real team where each of the key functions to run this business would have a capable lead.

We kicked off the summer by hiring Derek Hopper, to lead up Engineering, then Margaux Guyonneau joined us to lead up Community Management. And, today, we’re filling the 3rd key pillar with Cynthia Schames joining the family to lead up Sales and Business Development.

Cynthia has done outside sales, inside sales, and has even run her own business. One of our investors described her as a “true unicorn.” More importantly, she brings a sense of hustle and passion that is turning out to be a core tenet of Tout’s company culture.

I’m seriously excited about what she’s planning to do to spread the word about Tout, and with her on-board, I am more optimistic than ever before about our future. Here’s to making it rain.

Welcome Cynthia! She’ll be posting on the blog soon to introduce herself.

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