Custom Mail Merge for Outlook and Gmail Users

Generic Emails Blow

The average person receives tons of newsletters and email marketing every day addressed to “Dear Sir or Madam.” These generic emails are far from effective at generating a good amount of user replies. The best way that we’ve seen to get your messages read is with custom tailored text.

We introduced dynamic fields like {{first_name}} and {{company}} to ToutApp over a year ago so that you could personalize your group emails. Being able to use mail merge fields saved all of our users a ton of time. They still restricted personalization to a number of preset options, though.

Introducing a new level of personalization for your emails.

We’re giving you more: you can upload and email groups in Tout and reference whichever mail merge fields you’ve created. For those in Gmail and Outlook, you’ll need to use our web app at to send group emails. You’ll be able to reply and have your follow-up tracked right from with your email client, though.

Here’s how to get started with custom fields:

1) Create a CSV file with all of the contacts you’d like to email at once. Put any information you want in your columns.

2) Create your group in Tout, click “Import CSV,” and upload your file.


3) Map your fields to the ones we currently offer in ToutApp. For all your custom fields, click “Add a new custom field.” Create a name for your field.


4) Click add to group.

5) Now you can send everyone a really personalized email that may look something like this:Alexander, Hannah, Charlie, and anyone else being emailed here will get a unique email delivered to their inbox. Sending group emails like these doesn’t mean you don’t care about the people you’re emailing. It means you care about the time you’re saving.

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