Content Marketing is the New Black

Content marketing is the new black, is the future of marketing and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. For those who live under a rock, content marketing is all about creating and distributing valuable content to attract and convert a prospect into a customer. The goal is to educate and engage others so that they know who you are, like what you are sharing and trust you. So really, if you think about it, content marketing isn't really anything new. It's purely speaking to your audience through your own stories. Instead of purchasing advertising to get in to the mind of your consumer –  companies are creating compelling content that captivates and lures your audience in. 

At ToutApp, we consider ourselves a teaching company more than a selling one. We like to teach salespeople how to be better at sales by providing rich content, videos and resources. We are passionate about our product BUT we are also passionate about teaching others how to be better at sales. We found it is key to provide content that in the end will allow your audience to learn something valuable and for use to become a better salesperson all around. 

With that in mind content marketing is a great wat to get customers or just an audience to your site. Just to prove the success we have acquired, we recently published our first iBook: How to Write Kickass Sales Emails. Our iBook generated over 100 conversions in the first few weeks. Simply because we created valuable content. FOR FREE. For salespeople and people who just wanted to learn the logistics of writing a kickass email. Over the past months, we have developed more awesome content where we have learned how to go all in – in the content marketing “trend.” And so, we would like to share with you the content marketing truths we've developed at ToutApp around building a great brand, educating, inspiring and sharing valuable content. 

  • Create something VALUABLE. Engage your audience with interesting and valuable content. They need to be gaining something new in the first two sentences. 
  • Share a PROBLEM. Start with a common problem that you would want some insight on. Solve that problem by giving detailed insight with facts to back it up. 
  • Show you have a PULSE. Make you audience giggle, cry or ponder. Allow for them to be able to react and share your content versus bounding away from the page (Bonus: If it creates emotion chances are it will be highly shareable).
  • Make the headline…KICKASS. Same goes for the subject line in your email – if they aren't catchy, short and informative most likely they won't open that email or take the time to read your content.
  • Don't forget about YOU. Your content needs to encapsulate your company's core values and beliefs. Don't lose sight of this in your messaging. Exude a strong and consistent brand that others can easily recognize.

These simple truths will give you the foundation for getting started for greater resources and rich content check out these blogs:

  • Quick Sprout: Neil Patel is the man. Founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, Neil was named top 100 blogger by Technorati and top influencers on the web according to the Wall Street Journal and boy does his blog rock. He creates some of the most valuable content on the web – seriously start reading Quick Sprout religiously and thank me later. 
  • Hubspot: “Create Marketing people love.” Hubspot has an enormous library of content from introductory material to advanced. From SEO to content creation. You will be sure to gain more than enough knowledge to become an advanced marketer from their blog. Check out Hubspots most recent post 7 B2B companies to Admire for Exceptional Visual Content.
  • Copyblogger has a wide range of knowledge from their in depth tutorials to their popular articles. They break down how to build an audience that builds your business beautifully.
  • The Eloqua blog publishes powerful content on marketing from how to create that blog post, infographic, white paper or tutorial video that will turn a prospect into a paying customer. 

Overall they all have some amazing valuable content that will transform you into a content marketing rockstar. So go out publish some valuable high quality content. Educate people and by doing so you will position you and your brand as content thought leaders in your industry. Give the ability to boast and share easily and it will spread. Teach people to be better and they will join you. 

P.S. Try Touting your content. See how others are engaging with your messaging and know what is resonating and what is not.