Tout Partners with Salesforce to Bring You the Information You Need to Close Sales

Tout was proud to partner with Salesforce yesterday as we both shared exciting tools that help you improve communication. Marc Benioff's keynote addressed the Social Revolution – how quickly it's changing and how quickly businesses have to adapt. After the keynote, we talked with a lot of Salesforce users about how they're spreading their message, and we showed them how Tout can help them sell smarter – especially with our deep Salesforce integration. Not only is Tout in the cloud, easy to use on mobile, and fully integrated with social media, and it's a powerful way to give you real, actionable data and analytics on a process that takes you hours a day – your email.

Tout + Salesforce = The Power of the Cloud

Benioff has famously advocated cloud computing, but this year, he warned users to be wary of tools that he called the “false cloud”. It's important for businesses to understand the true cost of implementing software systems that live on their servers, and more importantly, the savings they're missing by ignoring cloud computing. We totally agree. The fact that Tout exists in the cloud means that we can offer Tout at a great price, there's no setup, and users never have to concern themselves with a software update. Tout just works.

Tout + Salesforce = Embracing Mobile

According to Morgan Stanley, the number of CEO's who allow mobile tablets at work has more than doubled in the past year, an unprecedented rate of adoption for new technology. It's become absolutely necessary for companies to embrace mobile, despite the fact that sharing rich information is challenging on a tiny mobile device. For Tout users, sharing information is easy, because your templates are saved in the cloud, and with our mobile app, you can access them from anywhere, combining the consistency of templates with the flexibility of mobile.

Tout + Salesforce = Selling with Social

Salesforce announced an innovative new Chatter tool to allow customers to interact with companies on Salesforce instantly, emphasizing the importance of social interaction. It's obvious that social tools are quickly becoming a central part of the sales process, as salespeople prospect more and more over LinkedIn and Twitter. The problem with social selling is that the fast pace and informal nature of social media creates gaps in your messaging. Tout solves that by allowing you to share a templated message across social media platforms. Not only is it faster, it brings your complete message straight to your customer, right where they want it.

Tout + Salesforce = Information

The true key to the Social Enterprise is information – your customers are doing everything they can to get the right information, right away. As a salesperson, the best thing you can do  is share information, quickly, consistently, and effectively. Tout gives you the tools you need to share information, and it also gives you the analytics and key data points you need to make your sales process smarter and faster. If you're ready for an email tool that works where you work, helps you do your job faster, and gives you the information you need to close sales, check out Tout.