Charter Your Own Territory

You know the saying “good things happen to those who wait”? I think that's a bunch of bolognie. The “take the bull by the horns” motto has always seemed to be more of my style.  As I transition into this scary and foreign territory of post grad life, I can say with utmost confidence that I am exactly where I want to be. I will not contribute this to luck, because I think luck is a synonym for people unwilling to put forth the effort. I think, crazy enough, that I can thank my life motto for all the good fortune that has come my way.


Happiness is in the Little Things

This simple phrase seemed to be the most fitting descriptor of my first full week on the job as a “Happiness Officer”. I knew this job was going to be completely unconventional when my boss, TK,  offered me to start on a Friday. I thought,  “A Friday?Not a Monday?…I think I’m going to like it here”. But that is what ToutApp is all about: making something unconventional into a conventional masterpiece.

Sprinkles of Happiness:

My first speck of happiness occurred on day one when we took a team lunch to Osha. This just so happens to be my favorite Thai restaurant in the city. It is also located directly across the street from our office. Good start. My day only got better upon learning that my fellow coworkers love chocolate just as much as I do. They offered me an assortment of Ghiradelli Chocolates. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Before the day wrapped up, I got around to creating my account for ToutApp and actually started using this software I would be promoting. I “touted” my first few emails and stalked my live feed. When I say stalked, I mean my eyes literally did not part from the screen. I held back a scream when my first email got read. I found out later that this first view was from my lovely mother but ,hey, at least it got viewed. I was amazed at the sheer brilliance of this software, yet frustrated with myself that I had never used it before. Needless to say I was hooked.

Throughout the rest of the week, these specks of happiness sprinkled down on me like fairy dust. Simply talking to a customer or solving a general problem became quite rewarding. Conveniently, I found that our customers actually WANT to engage in these conversations with us. Sometimes people just need to know someone is listening to them. And not just listening, but dissecting what they are actually trying to say. At ToutApp we want to teach our customers everything we know about our software, because 9 times out of 10 they love our product just as much as we do.

Recipe For Success:

I wanted to work at a startup where there would be immense opportunities for growth and learning. My experience working with ToutApp thus far can be compared to the perfect recipe:

-7 cups of creativity (7 member company)
-a spoonful of challenges
-couple splashes of excitement
-1 heaping mound of happiness

All in all there are no sales scripts or right/wrong answers. Being a Happiness Officer really only calls for one thing, and that is to be yourself. To me, that is the happiest specks of them all.

Game Changer:

My advice to post grads still searching for their niche: don't stop searching. Giving up and settling for a semi-bearable job that requires one cup of coffee an hour will start to take its toll. Granted, we all have to start somewhere. However, the difference maker is those willing to go the extra mile(SSSSSS).. and keep going.  Just don't forget to stop along the way to take it all in.