Celebrate your Success and Ring the Gong

Here at Tout we love celebrating wins across our team – just like any sales organization! Big or small, new business, cross-sell or renewal, we’re proud of what we can accomplish together and like to celebrate as a team.

So, like any sales org, we celebrate by banging on a big ‘ole gong.

Except unlike all other sales orgs, our gong doesn’t look like this:



Our gong looks like this:

Ring The Gong

While the Tout Sales Gong is not new to Tout, it’s gotten a complete performance and design makeover.

The Gong can be hit from ToutApp.com, from your inbox in Gmail and Outlook or directly from the Live Feed. And, it syncs with your personal Salesforce account to pull in any open Opportunity you may be working. Cool, eh?

Live Feed - Sales Gong


Our favorite part of ringing the Gong is that it instantly closes your Opportunity in Salesforce (if you want it to) and updates your team’s Live Feed with details around your win:

Closed Deal - gong

Finally, ringing the Gong also updates the team’s Sales Beat with a Deal Card – so your team can rally together and celebrate success.

Deal Alert in Sales Beat

So what are you waiting for? The next time you close a deal – hit the ToutApp Sales Gong and celebrate with your team.

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