Business Insider features ToutApp

Last week, Vivek Sharma, the founder of Movable, Inc, shared his favorite email applications with Business Insider. The apps he listed focus on improving the functionality and efficiency of email. For people who are constantly inundated with emails (everyone, presumably), he describes a few ways tech startups have tackled the problem. Here’s what he had to say about ToutApp:

“I love this app. Tout lets you easily follow up with people using email templates. It even lets you do custom text replacements. Tout’s text message interface lets me auto-send someone a prepared and personalized greeting.”

Vivek hit the nail on the head. If you’re looking for a better way to email, try preparing a few templates through Tout. Tout can help you slash the time you spend writing emails and focus on work you really need to do. Be sure to check out the other products featured in the article, as well.