Business Development Specialist T.J. Jones Doubles B2B Sales with Toutapp


TJ Jones certainly knows a thing or two about working with small businesses. He’s gone from working in his dad’s family business to growing a career in SaaS business development: he’s a linchpin at Monk Development.

MonkDev is a software development company that truly works for the greater good – they specialize in providing software and web development for non-profits and ministries across the country.


TJ Jones: Business Development

It’s TJ’s job to reach out to potential clients, identify how and why they would find value in Monk Development’s software, and build a relationship with those groups. He’s able to take a group that was once primarily in-person, and provide them with a robust online presence, expanding their impact in the local community and beyond.

TJ’s job requires him to spend a lot of time building relationships over email. Like most people who spend a lot of time in their inbox, it was a challenge for TJ to keep up with – he was constantly asking the same questions: Who did I email? Did they reply? When should I follow up? Plus, between sending an email and receiving a reply, there’s no way for him to understand what was happening to his emails.

TJ uses Tout to beat his sales quota

TJ wanted to find a better way to manage his emails, but he needed something that would work with his existing workflow. He started using Tout and it was a perfect fit – it allowed him to send the same emails he was writing before, standardize and track them, and send them much, much faster.

“The ability to move back and forth between different templates in order to reach multiple audiences has cut down the amount of time it takes to process email during my workday.”

For TJ, it wasn’t a matter of changing his business process, but rather finding a way to manage his day-to-day interactions.  As it turns out, making one small decision to use Tout made a huge difference:

At Monk Development, TJ’s business development role is critical, and the fact that Tout helped him double his sales in one month has had a huge ripple effect in the company. TJ is able to make an even bigger impact at a growing firm, and do it faster and more efficiently than before.

Are you tired of rewriting the same emails? Need a way to sort and track the templates you’re using? Try Toutapp.