Automating Email (and other awesome email tips)

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At Toutapp, we know that email is overwhelming. While we may be able to save you time when you’re sending emails, we haven’t found a way to save you from the deluge (yet). To that end, we thought we’d provide a few tips and tricks on how you can manage the email influx.


Use Folders and Filters

Many email clients allow you to create filters for folders in your mail, which means that rather than manually sorting mail, you can start your day with your email already organized. In any Google Apps account, you can create labels with different colors, and once you establish filters for emails from certain senders or containing certain phrases, you can visually scan your inbox much faster. It also lets you sort out emails that you want to receive but don’t necessarily want in your inbox every day. Signature

Ever feel like you want to send a shorter email, but you don’t want to come off as rude? Try including a message in your email signature that explains your commitment to email efficiency. The text reads:

Q: Why is this email three sentences or less?

Embrace the Email Charter

If you haven’t seen the email charter, you should definitely check it out. It’s basically a list of communally agreed upon guidelines that work to shift the way we use email. The rules prioritize fast, clear and short emails over lots of links, attachments, and verbose language. Here’s an example: “Short or Slow is not Rude: Let’s mutually agree to cut each other some slack. Given the email load we’re all facing, it’s OK if replies take a while coming and if they don’t give detailed responses to all your questions. No one wants to come over as brusque, so please don’t take it personally. We just want our lives back!”

Are there any other web apps or tricks that you’re using to improve your email experience?

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