Arming an SDR with Her Own Custom Video

ToutApp SDRs have big personalities.

They’re the ones who come in on Mondays with captivating stories of fighting off a home invasion of raccoons. Or losing $2k at blackjack sitting next to Susan Sarandon. They’re the ones cracking jokes at all-hands meetings, and giving each other hard time about that trainwreck qualification call last month. You know the type.

It’s no coincidence that our SDRs have big personalities; it’s why they’re SDRs in the first place. It’s their job to reach out to strangers and to build a trusted relationship from nothing. That’s a tall order. Without charisma, it’s near impossible.

The problem SDRs run into, however, is how to convey their personalities without ever being in the same room with their prospects. They write emails and leave voicemails. But the charm that wins over Susan Sarandon in Vegas just doesn’t come through in an email or a voicemail. Decades-old studies indicate that over half of communication is nonverbal. That’s leaving a lot on the table.

To tackle this inefficiency, we’ve launched a new initiative for our SDR team. We created two videos for one of our SDRs — videos which she herself can use in reaching out to prospects.


Step 1: Create the Videos


Meet Kelly:


This is Kelly’s video version of her first-touch voicemail. Why this in lieu of/in addition to a voicemail?

  • Her body language accompanies her message
  • She gets to make eye contact with each prospect who views the video
  • Prospects will associate her accompanying and future emails with a real human being
  • The video lives in an email, so a prospect doesn’t have to access a voicemail box to see it
  • She knows if/when a prospect views it

Here is the second video we made for Kelly. It’s a last attempt to connect with a prospect. As you can see, she turns up the attitude a notch.


Step 2: Create the Templates

The next step was to create email templates using Kelly’s new content.


Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.48.34 PM

This being ToutApp, we put the videos into email templates like this one.


By keeping these emails templated in Tout, she can quickly pull them up in Gmail, customize, and send them out. This saves her a bunch of time linking and formatting the media, and will also provide data on how those templates — and the videos therein — are performing with prospects. 

One note about the email formatting: almost every email service provider blocks embedded videos from playing within an email, so we haven’t embedded the video here at all. The thumbnail within the email is a simple image which links to the video in a new browser window.


Step 3: Gather Data

In the new world we live in where it takes eight calls on average to reach a prospect, it’s more important than ever to find ways to break through the clutter. We’ll cover this initiative in our blog series in the coming weeks to give you insights and best practices on video pitches.

Meanwhile, let us know what you think of the approach, and how you might do it differently.

  • Mike Pollack


    We’ve seen crazy (awesome) results by using personalized video in sales cycles and we’re working with teams here in SF to create killer video content and tie it back to tracking and reporting (in MA + CRM) in order to drive actionable insights.

    You can see some of our content at

    Would love to hear more about your experience(s) with this!

  • Steven Loepfe

    Kelly, great! So email is personalized and the vid is one for all?