Announcing: ToutApp, Summer 2013 Release

One of our customers pointed out how lonely our Twitter feed has been the past few weeks. Our blog has been relatively quiet too. “What's the deal?” he asked. Truth is, we've been in heads-down mode here at ToutApp.

Our rockstar team has been heads down hard at work through this summer — closing deals and building product. Now that we're finally coming up for some air, its time we update you on what we've been working on to further improve the most badass sales communications platform on planet earth.

Today, we're announcing the Summer 2013 release of the Tout platform. For a complete tour of our platform –  set up a time to talk to a Happiness Officer. In the meantime, here are the highlights:

#1) Email the way salespeople work

What if email was re-imagined with your sales workflow in mind? Thats exactly what we did with our Emails tab in Now with the latest emails tab, we've introduced a full email experience that fits your sales workflow. All in one screen, you'll see your email converstations scored based on engagement in real-time with simple 1-click next steps like “Call” “Follow Up” or “CRM.”

Our existing customers and our own sales team has been managing their sales emails using Tout's emails tab. We're still collecting more data but results already show how not only is each rep able to handle more leads because of Tout's time savings, they're able to continue to follow up with leads in an intelligent way, based on their engagement behavior. All-in-all, they're able to save time and close more deals.

#2) Real-Time Lead Scoring and Easy Next Steps

We've introduced the idea of email tracking in the sales process a long time ago. The biggest thing we worked on this summer was how to make that data actually actionable. Who cares if they viewed the email? Aside from giving you that instant dopamine boost because of your screen unexpectedly flickering, how do you take data like that and actually use it to close more deals?

So, we spent the summer building an entire layer on our tracking platform to make the “Next Step” and the “Follow Up” easy-peasy. With Real-Time Lead Scoring, and Tout's Live Feed and Emails Tab, tracking data is not only actionable immediately, we've also started to tap into the engagement tracking data to score your leads in real-time. Now, you can focus on the most engaged leads — and close those deals.

#3) Drip Campaigns

Ever since Predictable Revenue and the advent of Content Marketing, drip campaigns has been all the rage in the sales process. Now, we've built in automated followups and drips right into the Tout platform. This way, while you focus on those highly engaged leads, Tout will automatically nurture those lagging in your lead list with a steady flow of touches via your own personal Tout drip campaign.

We're also particularly excited about a “Push to Tout” Salesforce feature that will be announced later on this week (a personal feature request from Aaron Ross). Our customers that have already installed the button in their orgs simply refer to it as “magic.”

Its what we do. Magic.

#4) Reports for “the Man”

Let's be honest. There's a reason Salesforce is on its way to becoming a $10bn company and yet most salespeople hate using it. It's because they made sales managers the hero and sold to them. Well over here at Tout, our first goal is to make the salesperson the rockstar and THEN make the sales leader the rockstar's manager that gets paid dividends.

So, as you'll see, the majority of the work we did this summer was to make the salesperson the rockstar. But, we just had to throw some love to the sales managers that are part of Tout Nation as well. After all, they do pay some of the bills right?

And so, the last final touch of our Summer 2013 edition was the Team Reports. We're seriously excited about these. They take all the amazing data that Tout facilitates through the sales process and puts it together into a nice digestable and actionable real-time report.

#5) Integrations

The one resounding thing we keep hearing from customers is how fragmented the sales tools space is. This widget for A, that widget for B, and they don't talk to eachother. With ToutApp being at the core of the sales process, one of our big goals will be to integrate into all the various tools that are in the space and help them plug in better in to the communications process. 

We started to do this with our integration with Box. Now you can easily attach Box content right into your sales templates or emails with just a few clicks. Over the coming months, we'll be doing more of these integrations with Screen Sharing software, Scheduling software, and even Video hosting platforms. 

In Conclusion

It sounds silly to say, but I'm going to say it anyway: we're just getting started.

We're incredibly proud of this release of ToutApp. We're incredibly honored to be serving the 50,000+ B2B saleseople who have singed up for ToutApp and the thousands of people that support us and our mission every day by paying for our platform and referring us customers. As we grow and scale the company, I sincerely hope for one thing: that we continue to have a customer base (we call it Tout Nation) as awesome as each and every one of you are. You make all of this worth it. 

Lastly, we'll also be hosting a LIVE session tomorrow to walk you through the platform as well. Join us.