A Journey From College Grad to Intern to Full-time Marketing Officer

From graduating college to interning to finding a full time job has been quite the ride over the past year. As much as you say you are prepared for the real world no one and nothing can prepare you for this transition. And if you ever meet anyone who says it's easy, they are fibbin'. It's tough. After twelve months I finally found my niche although it was not a breeze, the journey was so worth it. 

Growing up, I was told on more than one occassion, “You should do what you love in life.” Throughout college and post college I was set on doing just that. With a proud shiny degree from the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!) I thought I had my career in the bag. However, after months of tedious applications and interviews, I realized I was mistaken. I was unhappy with my first internship out of college and was craving a position of growth; I wanted to be challenged. After browsing for weeks upon weeks on Indeed.com, LinkedIn, One Day One Job, I finally found ToutApp. ToutApp was offering a Marketing Internship, the position summed up as:

If you want to kickstart your career in startup marketing, if you're willing to learn, if you're creative, and if you've got the hustle in you: THIS IS THE ROLE FOR YOU.

I was sold. I interviewed and was offered the position a couple days later. I landed quite a unique internship at ToutApp

As an entry level Marketing Intern I was given tasks that were not typical for an intern. Instead of the usual hand holding process I was given the freedom to be innovative and share my thoughts and ideas. And with much guidance and support from TK, CEO and Founder of Tout, I learned a great deal more within the startup world than I ever imagined. From monitoring anayltics and metrics of content to creating product videos I was constantly learning something new and fresh everyday. Months later, I was fortunate to be offered a full-time position in Marketing at ToutApp. From the product video development side to blogging to content creation, and distribution, I landed an exciting job within a company in the midst of serious growth and is still growing today. 

While working at ToutApp, I was introduced to Paul Singh, and he provided me some of the best advice. Paul told me to search out my greatest strengths and master them. I took his advice to heart. Eight months later, with much mentoring, reading and research within the marketing field I am actually doing something I feel good about and am getting good at. 

With the advice of my mentor TK, I have come to realize:

If you really want a rewarding career of growth and ultimately success + happiness – find out your ultimate strengths and skill set and become the most knowledgeable master of them. And once you become really good at what you do each day with research and practice, you'll be passionate about your career.

I will be the first to admit that I'm no Einstein, no prodigy of Marketing, just a twenty two year old college grad trying to find my path to be successful within my new career and thought I would share my experience with you all. My advice to those just getting out of college and have absolutely no idea what you want to do… try the following:

Find a mentor

Find and reach out to someone older, more experienced, smarter and wiser. Ask them to teach you the things they wish they would have known. You will gain a tremendous amount of knowledge. As Neil Patel coined, “Average people learn from their mistakes. Smart people learn from other people's mistakes.”

Find your strengths 

Apply for an internship for a company that will allow you to grow and take on different tasks and projects outside of your comfort zone. A challenging position will become the most rewarding position.

Master them

Master the crap out of them. Read, chat, join webinars, take a skillshare course, go to a Meet-up. Follow the top twitter accounts, top bloggers and influence leaders in the field. And soak it in and apply it to what you are doing. You will only grow.

Try Sales or Marketing 

Many companies have amazing training programs. Take those as an opportunity to grow and learn about the industry. If you are interested in a sales career, check out the ToutApp Sales Job Spotlight featuring awesome sales jobs at companies all over the world. This is a great way for you to kick start your journey. 

Have faith

Believe in yourself. You will find your niche. Be patient. Keep working towards your goal, whatever it may be, for the long haul. You will eventually find it. 

So venture out into the real working world, your career awaits you. A journey from College Grad to Intern to Full-time Marketing Officer – SHARE YOUR JOURNEY!