A 10x better HTML Emails for Salesforce

Back in early 2012, we launched the first version of our Salesforce integration. Since then, we’ve on-boarded hundreds of sales teams onto the platform and garnered a 5-star review on the AppExchange.

Today, we’re announcing the next big update. In addition to improved sync between Salesforce and Tout, a more robust “Email with Tout” button for your Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities, the most exciting update is something that every customer has been asking for since day 1 of our launch: Replace the HTML Emails for Salesforce.

Video Overview

This video overview walks through our Salesforce integration. Its a bit longer and takes its time to explain the benfits, so feel free to keep scanning the rest of this blog post as I walk through the basics.

HTML Emails for Salesforce, Upgraded.

A proper replacement for the “Mass Emails” or “HTML Emails” feature for Salesforce. Up until now, if a sales lead or salesperson wanted to email 100 of their leads for an initial touch, we’d have them do the following steps:

  1. Filter your search query and generate a report
  2. Export the report to a CSV file
  3. Import the CSV file into a Tout Group
  4. HIt “Email this Group” to send them all a templated, trackable email or drip campaign

Ouch. Every time I heard one of our Happiness Officers talk about this “workaround” I’d cringe — but thats all we had to offer. Until now. Salesforce now has the “Push to Tout” button:

This one button changes everything. This one button makes it so you can get an initial touch to all of your leads in just 3 clicks. This one button makes it so that you can follow up with all the contacts in your opportunities in one click. This one button makes it so you can filter down to your top accounts and email the key stakeholders with a personalized message in just one click.

This one button, the “Push to Tout” button, has been described by our early beta customers as “Magic.” Thats what we do here at ToutApp. We create magic for sales teams.

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Keep Touting my friends.