7 Essential Shortcuts Every Salesperson Should Know

“Not enough time in the day” – said every salesperson, ever.

More than just copy-pasting, this post is for people who are ready to take their productivity to the next level. Are you constantly clicking through tabs, applications and search?  Of course you are – here’s how to get stuff done faster. Here are 7 simple ways that will help you be more efficient. Seriously, this is how you add more time to your day.

Please note: If you’re cursed with a windows computer, substitute ctrl for ⌘

Transitioning Shortcuts:

1. Switch between applications
⌘ + Tab

*Pro Tip: keep your thumb on ⌘ and tap Tab to switch between all of your open applications

2. Switch between different windows in the same application

 ⌘ + ~

Shortcuts with Chrome:

3. Open the last tab you (accidentally) closed
⌘ + shift + T

4. Opens link in a new tab
⌘ + click link

5. Switch between open tabs

    (or 2, 3… 9)

*Pro Tip: ⌘ + 9 will always open the last tab in the window

6. Put your cursor in the URL bar
⌘ + L

7. Open up window in incognito mode
⌘ + shift + N

*Pro Tip: 3 uses for incognito mode that prove it’s not just for NSFW material


As you start your journey for less mechanical mouse clicking, consider checking “warn before quitting” under the Chrome menu.  This will help your tab surfing not accidentally close all of the hard work you’ve done.

*Blog written by Dan Smith–aspiring productivity guru. Follow him on Twitter!