ToutApp Product Updates: Microsoft Outlook

This week, we’re announcing a number of improvements we’ve made to our integration with Microsoft Outlook. Over the past few months, we’ve invested more into our Microsoft offering than ever before including our Outlook plugin, and our OWA plugin.

This week, we made the following improvements to our Outlook plugin:

  • Ability to schedule emails to be sent at a later date inside of Outlook
  • Ability to add someone to a Tout Campaign or check the status of if they’re in a Campaign
  • Improvements to our Calendar integration so you can suggest times based on timezones

We’ve been updating our Outlook plugin at a pretty fast clip, so just to be on the safe side, you should uninstall your version of the plugin and make sure you have the latest version of the plugin by downloading it from here.

  • Rob Ilas

    This still doesn’t work on a Mac OS??

    • David Hauser

      Rob, see my post above. Support for the Mac desktop client is dependent on Microsoft releasing an updated version of their add-in framework. Meanwhile, you can use our OWA add-in and access ToutApp from within Outlook through your browser as long as you are on Exchange 2016 or Exchange Online.

  • brett lieb

    When will this work on a Mac?

    • David Hauser

      We have an Outlook Web Access add-in that you can use on a Mac in a web browser as long as you are on Exchange 2016 or Exchange Online. Support for the Mac Outlook desktop client is dependent on Microsoft to releasing a version of their add-in framework on Mac Outlook which supports the functionality we need for our add-in.

      • Brian Krpec

        Any updates on this? Would be interested in beta testing when available.