ToutApp Product Updates: Analytics and Infrastructure

This week, we’re announcing a number of improvements we’ve made to our Analytics in Salesforce and our core infrastructure.

Core Infrastructure Upgrades

This past week, we completed a nearly year-long project that migrated our entire application stack which tens of thousands of salespeople use daily to a brand new infrastructure.

The new infrastructure stack will result in:

  • Increased reliability and resiliency across our platform
  • Faster page load times and speeds for key actions across the platform
  • Even better adherence to security best practices

With this new platform, we’ll also be able to deploy ToutApp to other geographical regions as we scale which will result in an improved experience for our international customers.

Analytics in Salesforce

With our latest update, we’ve also added three new fields to our Salesforce package. These fields have been added to every Account, Lead, Contact and Opportunity object and will be updated automatically.

The fields are:

  • Tout Current Campaign — this field will show if there is an active Campaign running on this object
  • Tout Last Activity – this field will show the last time someone in your organization Touted an email, call or some other interaction
  • Tout Last Engagement – this field will show the last time someone related to this object engaged with an email or document you sent them
  • Tout Last Replied — quite self explanatory, this is the last time someone replied to an email sent

With these fields, we’re helping customers create custom Lead Lists and Reports that utilizes ToutApp’s real-time engagement and activity data to identify Accounts, Opportunities and Leads that either have recently been touched and has engaged vs ones that need attention.

The best use case for these fields us to add them to your Account list or Lead list view. You’ll be able to see if your assigned Accounts are actively being touched or needs more attention.

Out of the box, we’ve included a number of Salesforce reports that leverages these fields, but we have a feeling customers will be using these fields in their own creative ways to fold into their standard dashboards. For more information, check out our latest ToutApp Salesforce Success Guide 2.21.0.