5/23/2016 – ToutApp Product Updates: Hyper-Personalized Campaigns & International Dialing

Every Monday, big or small, we’ll be writing a short blog post updating you on updates to the ToutApp platform. This week, there are two major improvements I’d like to talk about.

Tout Hyper-Personalized Campaigns

Campaigns continues to be our most popular feature on the platform. Not just for prospecting, but for all kinds of business workflows across the sales process.

Today, you can now start to add a “Send Email” task into Campaigns but require that the rep send a hyper-personalized and custom email based off a very prescriptive template.

image 1 - campaign custom


As we’ve worked to improve Campaigns with customers over time, we found that the smartest customers were running automated campaigns for certain tasks like prospecting into a massive SMB target list while they wanted to run hyper-custom but consistent campaigns for Fortune 500 target lists.

With this latest version of campaigns, you can dial up or dial down your hyper-personalization based on what’s appropriate for your target audience.


In addition to scheduling phone calls, emails, and social interactions, come up with creative uses for the “Custom Task” step. My favorite? If you’re prospecting into a Fortune 500 account, add a custom step to research their latest quarterly financials and use it to figure out what’s strategic for them.

image 2 - research financials


As usual, these tasks for your campaigns will show up everywhere you work — in the Live Feed, Gmail, and Salesforce.

Tout Phone Goes International

Ever since we’ve started to make improvements with Tout Phone, we’ve seen astronomical increases in its usage. While ToutApp started as primarily email platform, we’ve clearly branched into Phone and Social and the data shows it.

image 3 - tout phone growth

Today, we’re also adding your ability to make International calls through Tout Phone for certain regions of Europe, North America and other key destinations. Just enter the +COUNTRY CODE and then the phone number in Tout Phone (for example, to call London, you’d enter +44 20 8480 2364 and we’ll tell you if calling that region is included in your plan and then connect you.

And as always, we’ll log everything automatically to your CRM.