5/16/2016 – ToutApp Product Updates: Phone, Campaigns & Dashboards

Every Monday, big or small, we’ll be writing a short blog post updating you on updates to the ToutApp platform. This week, there are three major improvements I’d like to talk about.

Tout Phone

Calling is just as important to selling as emailing. As we look to become the “single pane of glass” around your sales communications, we’ve been rapidly expanding our Tout Phone features.

Today, you can start to use Tout not only inside of ToutApp.com and the Live Feed, you’ll also be able to call someone right from Salesforce by clicking on the “Call with Tout” button.

tout-actions image 1


Additionally, just being able to call isn’t enough. So we’ve added features that customers have been clamoring for. Today, available for our Enterprise and Premium clients, you’ll be able to utilize Local Presence and if you’re an Enterprise customer, you’ll also be able to record your phone calls (you are responsible for adhering to relevant call recording laws).

tout phone image 2

Best of all, all of the data around phone calls will get cleanly logged into Salesforce so you can run reports on activities and outcomes.


Tout Phone logs whether a phone call placed was answered by a Human or a Machine. It’s then logged to a field in Salesforce called “Tout Call Answered By.” You can use this field to run interesting reports on call outcomes.

Tout Campaigns

Campaigns has been our most popular feature as of late. So, not only do we have a v2 of the feature in the works that completely re-works the whole experience, we’ve also been making the core version stronger.

With this latest release, we’ve revamped the Campaigns and the overall prospecting experience with ToutApp so that instead of having to Push to Tout, and then go to a Tout Group and THEN Send an Email, you can now simply just click on the “Add to Tout Campaign” button to add a Lead or Contact to a Tout Campaign.

tout campaigns image 3

Tout Salesforce Dashboard

The beauty of ToutApp is that while it helps reps send better emails, call at the right time, and use the Live Feed to figure out who to focus on, it also logs a ton of data to Salesforce for analysis.

To help with this analysis, we’ve created a killer Management Dashboard where you can at a glimpse leverage Salesforce and Tout data to answer these three questions:

  • How’s my overall revenue team doing in terms of revenue to goal?
  • How’s my pipeline team doing in generating enough pipeline coverage?
  • How’s my closing team doing in moving opportunities through the sales stages?

By combining ToutApp data with your CRM data, we’re able to give you a unique view across your revenue team on your quarter to date progress. For us, this is just the beginning of a set of things we’re bringing for the sales leader to better manage revenue.

tout dashboard image 4

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