5 Things I Learned at the Sales Hacker Conference

I came across a great article earlier this week and learned when you’re really, really tired you are actually more creative. Instead of taking a nap at my desk I decided to harness my creativity and share the most interesting things I learned at the Sales Hacker Conference yesterday. 

1. If you can’t explain it to a 10 year old, you’re doing it wrong.

Aaron Ross challenged everyone to pitch his daughter Aurora. If she “got it”, you win Predictable Revenue.

Top right is the picture of my book signed by Aurora. She rocks. 

2. You might not always end up where you thought you’d be.

This made me laugh.  “When I was 5 years old I was convinced I was going to be an actor.. but I’m doing the next best thing. I’m in sales.”- Doug Landis, Box. 

3. Three things + a bonus one that I need to do differently ASAP. 

Learned this one from Doug too.

Tips on a post it–

3. Everything you do has an impact in sales and in life.

Let me bring you up to speed here. A month or so before the Sales Hacker Conference I’d been working with Armando Mann and his team over at RelateIQ to roll Tout out to the team. Fast forward to yesterday and I’m sitting in the audience listening to Armando's awesome presentation and I hear my name dropped. He mentioned how he’d shared my emails with the team as an example of the type of messaging they should be using.

I realized that every email, call, interaction you have makes a difference.

4.  “The right sales tools will give you superpowers.”

I couldn't agree with Armando more.

If you’re looking for some sales superpowers, here’s the tools I use:

  • ToutApp (duh) 
  • Salesforce
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • My Calculator
  • Google Apps
  • Join.me
  • Gotomeeting

4. Time is money. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t produce results.

For example during Jasper Wein's presentation from TaskUs, he shared “Cold calling is dying. 2% of cold calls result in an appointment.” 

** Tip: Instead of cold calling I use the “warm email intro”, leveraging my connections or my team's connections.  If you want to go in cold, the best way is to start a conversation over email or social media teaching prospects with relevant content. 

5. You don’t need a lot of time to put together something amazing. 

Life long sales hacker, Max Altschuler put the conference together in just under 6 weeks. Wow. 

My good friend Matt Ellsworth's blog puts it best, “There is one thing that will guarantee failture: Time (It's not on your side). Time kills all deals- said every sales manager ever.”

Keep me posted on how your sales hacking goes. Feel free to comment below or shoot me an email tara@toutapp.com. 

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