How to Send a Personalized Email to 100 people

You’re staring at a list of hundred people you need to contact by tomorrow for your [pick one: upcoming event/ weekly sales quota/ new customer outreach efforts/ etc] and you have no idea where to start.

We feel your pain.

Writing a personalized email for one person, let alone one hundred people can be difficult and time-consuming. So in the end, you’ll either [choose one]:

  1. Stay up all night crafting personalized emails to an insane number of recipients
  2. Create one bulk, impersonal mailing and then bcc everyone on it

… Yeah, we weren’t a fan of these choices, either. So in our latest product release, we’ve made it super simple to email batches of people with awesomely personalized messages using mail merge.

Here’s how to send a group email in three simple steps, rather than 100:

1) Group your contacts

In order to only hit the “Send” button once, you’ll need to put all your contacts together into a Tout group.

You can do this by uploading a CSV with contact names or by shifting them from your “Everyone” list into the proper group.

2) Create one message

Once you have all your contacts in a neat group, now you can begin to draft your message. You’ll want to use a template for this. Head over to our Templates tab, create a template name you’d like to use, and then go in to edit your message.

You’ll now see a shiny, brand new button:

Click this. Use the drop-down fields to insert all sorts of custom information that Tout will auto-fill with mail merge functionality. You can reference anything from your contacts’ children names to their favorite color to a sign-up date on your website… literally anything.

Here’s what an example template might look like with this feature:

By the way, If you’ve connected your ToutApp to Salesforce, you can even pull Lead and Contact fields into your template!

3) Send


Okay, so you have your group of people, and you have a customized template. Now it’s time to send your email. Click back to your group, and, under “Group Actions,” select “Email this Group”. Select your template on the next screen and hit “Send.” All those empty fields will be filled out with the correct recipient information.

4) You did it!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your day knowing that you saved yourself the manual task of sending tons of emails.

Coming next: We’ll teach you how to use custom fields in your templates. Stay tuned!