3 New Tools to Improve Your Tout Experience

Every day at Tout, we reach out to and communicate with our awesome customers to find out how they're using Tout, and how we can make their Tout experience better. This week, we released three new ways to you to use Tout faster: faster team management, increased contact management, and smarter email signatures. These features are just the beginning. We're always open to customer feedback, and we're working every day to bring you the email tools you need to work smarter.

Faster Team Management

Teams aren't always set in stone, and  you need to be able to access your team settings as your teams change and grow. Tout's new Team Tab gives you one-click access to all your team settings, right from your inbox. You can just click and edit as much as you need.

Better Contact Management

We know that the way you manage your contact list is constantly evolving. That's why we added the ability to wipe your contacts clean, so you can start fresh at any time. All you have to do is go to your contacts tab and remove all your contacts – one and done.  

Smarter Email Signatures

A completed email signature is one of the best ways to improve email deliverability, especially for new contacts. Our email signature page prompts you to fill in the most important information, so we can help you develop a clear email signature. Still, if there's a particular format you prefer to use, or if you have a standard signature format for your company, you can use that as well.

We're looking for new features to develop every day. Think you have a great idea to improve Tout? Share your thoughts with us here: Customer Feedback – it only takes about five minutes. If you haven't tried Tout yet, you can get started today for free.