20 things you can do to shake up your workday

Since it’s Wednesday we figured you need a break. Hump Daaay!

Here are 20 things you can do to take a break from email:

1. Buy and train a puppy

Image Courtesy of @pugsofinstagram

2. Start happy hour an hour earlier

Image Courtesy of Movie Fan Central

3. Take a nap

4. Close more deals than Chuck Norris (Let’s face it…not possible but give it a try)

5. Have time to wait in the Starbucks line at 8am

Image Courtesy of The Dark Room

6. Get in shape, take up a new sport, or try prancercise

7. Take a two hour lunch break… and just not come back

8. Call the people that actually care– like your grandma (just kidding.. people on your Live Feed)

9. Rent a tiger (yes this is a real thing)

10. Spend more time prospecting at bars

11. Join a skeeball league

12. Watch Game of Thrones. Challenge yourself. 1 whole season in only 1 day.

Image Courtesy of UPROXX

13. Re-read Harry Potter

Image Courtesy of The Huffington Post

14. Get a confidence boost. Check out the “who’s viewed my profile on LinkedIn.”

15. Learn to code. Thank you Atlassian for the spooning tips

16. Take the muni to work.. not Uber, Lyft or Sidecar

17. What the heck – Get on the wrong line bus line. (hop on the Google bus and try to use your muni card)

Image Courtesy of SFGate

18. Rent a scooter or if you live on the wild side… splurge on a segway

19. Take a break from email.. send a fax

Image Courtesy of LolDig.com

20. Watch this Hump Day video! 

Now get to it. ToutApp actually saves you time on email.

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