ToutApp's unique sales communications solution helps sales teams close more deals faster.

Pure Sales Email Productivity

ToutApp seamlessly fits into Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce and more so that you can:

  • Suggest meeting times from your calendar
  • Easily share trackable presentations and documents
  • Set reminders for following up
  • Schedule delivery for the most opportune time
  • And, track what happens after you hit "Send"
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Email, Web & Presentation Tracking

Ever wonder what happens after you hit that "Send" button? Now you don't have to. 

  • Track when emails are opened
  • Links are clicked
  • Your leads visit your corporate website
  • And even when your presentation/documents are viewed
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Dynamic Email Templates

ToutApp's intelligent email templates can help you write your emails faster and measure what kind of messaging closes deals. 

  • Dynamic Personalization with live data pulled in from CRMs
  • Automatic file attachments
  • Automatic follow-ups
  • Real-Time tracking on performance
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Intelligently Follow Up

Following up is the key to winning deals. Now with ToutApp, following up has never been easier:

  • Get reminded to follow up on specific emails
  • Set up automatic follow ups using a templates
  • Uses Tout's real-time lead scoring to determine what to say when you do follow up
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Team Sharing and Collaboration

ToutApp makes it super easy to share templates, best practices and analytics across your sales and marketing teams.

  • Gain hard data on what type of messaing drives results
  • Do A/B testing across the team on different sales messaging
  • Train new-hires quickly with an easily accessible template library
  • Increase collaboration and communication across the team
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Reports & Analytics for Reps and Managers

ToutApp constantly processes email, enagement and CRM data to produce real-time reports including:

  • Team-wide analytics highlighting the best performing content
  • Lead-level predictive analytics highlighting which deals likely to close or deals at risk
  • Rep-level analytics assessing effectiveness of conversations
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