Supercharge your Salesforce CRM

  • Track Your Emails

    Know what happens to your sales emails after you hit “Send” in real time. Tracks Views, Clicks and Engagement. 

  • Writes Your Emails Faster

    Tout templates auto-attaches files, CCs and BCCs the right people, and even auto-fills in fields so you can focus on personalizing emails and closing deals.

  • Keeps Salesforce in Sync

    Tout bridges the gap between Salesforce and your Sales Emails. It syncs your Contacts and Leads and auto-updates Salesforce with your Email activity.

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Tout Makes Your Sales Emails Smarter
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Key Resources

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  2. Data Sheet (PDF)
  3. ToutApp Installation Guide for Salesforce Admins (PDF)
  4. ToutApp Getting Started Guide for Salesforce Users (PDF)
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ToutApp is one of the first Email platforms that focuses on meeting the needs of your Sales team instead of your Marketing team. Keep reading to learn what Tout can do to supercharge your sales process.


Track your Emails

We've all been there. You send off those important emails and then constantly check our Inboxes. Did they get it? Did she respond?

Tout takes the guesswork out of your business emails by giving you real-time stats on whether your Email has been viewed and whether anyone has clicked on your link.


Send Emails Faster

We've found that while your emails can be unique as a whole, there are tons of repetitive information that go into your day to day business emails.

With Tout templates, you can now focus on the unique parts of your email while Tout does the heavy lifting for you.

Tout templates can:

  • Auto Attach files,
  • Automatically CC and BCC people,
  • Auto-Fill Name, Company and other custom fields.



Schedule Your Email Delivery

Just because Sunday night is the best time for you to catch up on your emails, doesn't mean Monday morning is the best time for everyone to receive them.

Tout makes it easy to schedule when you want your emails delivered.


Share Tout with Your Team

Got that perfect Email pitch to get your prospects to buy? Want to make sure your entire team is emailing with consistent messaging and content?

Tout makes it easy to share Email templates with the rest of your team, so that everyone is on the same page.

In additionl to that, Tout also gives Sales Managers unique insights and analytics into the team's email activity.


Use Tout Inside Your Email Client

This doesn't have to be "yet another tool." You can use Tout from our web-based application, our mobile application, from your CRM or even from inside of your Email Client.

Tout integrates directly into Gmail. An Outlook and Apple Mail integration is in development.

Learn more about how Tout works from inside of Gmail.


Tout is Mobile

Finally, with Tout's mobile apps, you can get real-time updates on your Emails and even quickly send out content-rich emails while you are on the road.

Tout is available for download from the iPhone App Store. An Android version is in development.

Learn more about Tout on the iPhone.


See what our customers have to say...



I used to waste at least two hours a day re-writing the same emails from scratch to send to new contacts. Now it’s really easy with Tout.

Read the Case Study:
How Gilbert Zammit, Founder of IT Channel Insight, Creates Real Value from his Network using Toutapp.
Gilbert Zammit, Blogger/Reporter, IT Channel Insight

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