How to Rock Your Lead Generation

In this recorded session, we've teamed up with the folks at LaunchBit to cover real tactics around how you can generate more leads, follow up with them, and increase your sales.


Key Topics Covered 

Elizabeth from LaunchBit covered tactical content to improve your lead generation including:

  • Packaging content into ebooks, pdfs, whitepapers
  • Building and optimizing landing pages
  • Driving traffic: through email, through ads, through other channels
  • Analyzing your results
  • Using drip marketing to cultivate your audience

And, TK from ToutApp covered tactical content on how you can take those leads and convert them:

  • How to actually write a cold-email to generate leads
  • So you've got leads, now what? 3 real tactics on how to follow up and get them engaged
  • Anyone can handle a small number of leads, what do you do when you've got hundreds? How do you scale your sales?
  • Emails are a great start, when should you actually get on the phone with those leads?
  • Search LinkedIn Profiles and Company LinkedIn Profiles

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