Sales Communications 101

ToutApp 101

In this video recorded session, learn the basics of how to use ToutApp and accelerate your sales process today.

ToutApp 201, the other 50% of ToutApp

You may only be using 50% of ToutApp. in this recorded session, learn how to get even more from your sales acceleration platform.


Sales Acceleration 101

Learn how you can accelerate your sales process and streamline your sales communications with Templates, Tracking and more.

Tracking 101

In this video recorded session, learn about the HOWs and WHYs around Email, Website and Presentation tracking for your sales emails.

Templates 101

Templates are a relatively simple idea. However, with Tout's templates, you can completely streamline your sales communications.

Sales Inbox 101

See how you can organize your Inbox so your customers emails bubble up to the top.


Sales Books

Here at Tout, we believe we're a teaching company. So, our Happiness Officers wrote a few books about effective sales communications.

Email Happiness

In this book, written by our own Happiness Officers, we cover how to harness this awesome technology and get started.

Writing Kickass Emails

Think you know how to write effective emails that drive engagement and responses? See if you're following our best practices.

Salesforce and Tout

In this guide, we show you how to make the most of Tout and Salesforce.


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You can find our latest thoughts, customer profiles, feature announcements on our blog.

Customer Profiles

We absolutely LOVE our customers. So every week or so, we profile a brand new Tout customer.

Tips & Guides

In our blog, we regularly write tips, guides and talk about new features.

Weekly Webinar

Every week or so, we also hold a LIVE Tout session talking about various interesting topics.

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