ToutApp is used and paid for by thousands of salespeople. Here’s what they have to say…

TOUT IS AMAZING! I have never had people reply to my emails at the rate they are currently replying.  Without Tout I never would have been able to A/B/C/D test various prospecting emails to the extent and ease Tout has allowed.

Scott Cowley

57…That is a record number of appointments scheduled in one day for our company…by one rep, after only her first Tout email. Thanks, Tout!

Mark Kosoglow

We evaluated several options, but in the end ToutApp was the easiest to use, best designed and most robust solution available. There’s power in personalization and ToutApp allows us to scale our personalized approach.

Brian Gupton

Thanks to Tout, we’ve noticeably increased our conversion rate from trial user to premium customer, and we’ve provided better customer service while spending less time in our inboxes.

Hugh Hopkins

The world of sales is dark and scary at times; ToutApp takes the guess work out of cold-emailing and answers an important question that every salesperson should continually ask- “is this working?”

Patrick Reynolds

Literally the first app I like so much I don’t want to tell people about… Competitive advantage! Won’t stay secret long.

Chris Shaw

Tout has helped me turn our PR strategy into a process instead of a crapshoot.

Stella Fayman

Sending an important email without Tout feels like operating my business in the dark.

Forest Linden

Tout is the easiest way to be as personable as you have always wanted to be, without the time of crafting hundreds of emails.

Sid Burgess

With Tout we now have one definitive tool that does one specialty—helps salespeople. Since email is such an important tool in sales, as we grew our team Tout helped our sales reps put structure around their day.

Nathan Kouhana

Tout personally saves me at least an hour a day with the CRM integration and template features alone. It would be difficult for me to go back to working without it, that’s for sure!

Amanda Pelley

Their tech support and sales team are super responsive. In fact, our relationship with ToutApp is so good, I’ve made the entire company the Godparents of my unborn children.

Dakota Younger

With ToutApp I’m more effective today, and it works in nicely with HighRise. ToutApp is a must have component to any sales arsenal.

Jon Cavanaugh

I’m a big fan of having a clean inbox so that I don’t drop the ball on anything, and I am able to have that almost everyday, because I can clear out emails quickly with Tout.

Elizabeth Yin

Before Tout our email / follow up strategy was equivalent to getting dressed in the dark. Now we’re ready for GQ.

Mike Sorgenfrei

When I think Tout, I think efficiency. My role here at StrongView is to bring in new business. Tout helps me do that with it’s easy to use UI, as well as it’s integration with my work e-mail and

Nima Moridi

All too often emails get missed, filtered, or deleted. Tout is an incredible way to know when and where an email was viewed by the receiving party.

Brandon Levine

The sales team at Jobber has baked Tout into our everyday workflow to the point where we are reliant on it.

Broc Pacholik

After using Tout for a while on our sales team, I honestly can’t imagine doing this work without it.

Andrew Wicklander

I love ToutApp because, although it could be with all it’s features, it is not overly complicated. Everything is easy to access and the data that is collected is easy to analyze.

Ryan Sandberg

These days, I use ToutApp for all media pitching. In one, easy-to-use app I can easily manage client-specific media lists and pitches, schedule outreach, and then track engagement (opens and clicks) in real time. I then know where to focus my follow-up activities.

Tim Cox

Tout has totally changed my workflow. Great tracking and analytics. Beautiful user interface. You can integrate it with your email server so that emails are sent via your server and not a third party.

Elliot Robia

My emailing operation is so much more streamlined because of this tool - I recommend it to all my co-workers, no matter what their role is!

Rachel Lambert

I’m a big fan of Tout for many different reasons. Sharing email templates makes it easy for our team to collaborate on strategies that are the most effective.
All in all, the simplicity can’t be beat.

Blake Redson

ToutApp has saved me a tremendous amount of time by enabling me to create a content library of blog posts, white papers, e-books, etc. that I can easily include in emails with one click.

Keith Weightman

I had been looking for a simple-to-use way to maintain our weekly staff newsletter, and am thoroughly impressed with ToutApp as a solution.

Susan Timcheck

I use Tout every day, and it become an indispensable tool in my daily workflow. Simply seeing that my messages have had activity is one of life’s little rewards that I look forward to every morning when I open Tout. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Mark Persinger

Being able to collaboratively develop sales messaging templates is not only a time saver, but it makes sure that the communications are on-point with our sales strategies.

Michael Spadaro

Tout solves a key problem for any salesperson:  following up.

Vivek Sharma

I used to waste at least two hours a day re-writing the same emails from scratch to send to new contacts. Now it’s really easy with Tout.

Gilbert Zammit

Tout has made a huge improvement - it allows us to interact with more customers and potential customers on a daily basis.

Liam Horan

Manual emails, manual email followups, followup reminders, adding contacts manually… Nightmare. Until Tout.

Charles Pinto

Tout helps us be more intelligent about customer outreach and follow-up, and to make sure we’re delivering a message which is resonating with users. I also really like the CRM integration.

Michael Elmgreen

We sent ad hoc emails that often varied day to day. I think they naturally evolved into ‘that best template’ over time, but that took too long - we needed to find out what doesn’t work faster. Tout was the answer.

Brian Whorley

I hit 200% of my sales quota this month thanks to ToutApp.

T.J. Jones

ToutApp makes repetitive email stupid simple, with great data to boot.

Alexis Tryon

When my friend noted how exasperated he was that he hadn’t finished sending his emails for the day, I just said, “Oh really? I’ve already finished mine!”

Nathan Scott

We were using a generic email client and to organize our catalogues. Tout has helped us organize our information in a single place. We work more efficiently and it takes seconds to reply to our customers.

Ginger Dhaliwal

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