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February 25, 2014,
The Top 5 Tools for Intelligent Sales Prospecting
A simple, powerful email plugin that lets you track if your prospects are opening your emails. It also lets you mass customize (yes, I said that) messages.

February 24, 2014,
In a distributed sales team? ToutApp’s ‘virtual gong’ shares the good news when you close a deal 
Striking a gong when a new deal is closed is a bit of a cliché in the world of sales, but it’s a popular way of boosting motivation and celebrating success.

January 28, 2014, Dow Jones/VentureWire
ToutApp Raises $3.4M for Enterprise Sales Software by Staff 
ToutApp Inc., a provider of enterprise sales software, has closed a $3.35 million Series A round led by Sigma West to build out the company's product and hire into sales and marketing roles.

January 28, 2014,
ToutApp closes $3.35 mln Series A round
ToutApp, the leader in sales acceleration solutions, today announced the completion of a $3.35 million in a Series A funding round led by Sigma West. ToutApp, the leader in sales acceleration solutions, today announced the completion of a $3.35 

January 10,
ToutApp, a service that functions as an email communications platform, has launched an update with four new features that will benefit its nearly 40,000 users. With Tout 2013, customers now have, among many things, an updated interface with...
December 23, 2013,
Peruse your 2013 Gmail habits with ToutApp’s Year in Review report
For those of you who’ve wondered exactly how many emails you receive and send every year, ToutApp’s Year in Review report for Gmail can give you a quick snapshot.
December 11, 2013,
ToutApp, which optimizes email communication with leads from within Salesforce, has just picked up funding, with an eye toward growing and delivering even more analytics for sales managers in the future.
September 11,
Two Secrets Of A Serial Entrepreneur - Forbes
ToutApp was founded by Tawheed Kader (TK), a serial entrepreneur with both a technical and business background. He's been building simple software to help people communicate better for over 10 years and contributes aspects of his success to...
August 15,
Track who reads your Outlook email, attachments - CBS News
(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY Despite my recent defense of email, I recognize that it has some serious deficiencies as a communication tool. Unlike in a face to face conversation, for example, it's really hard to know if someone has received the...

August 14,
EMail: Love It or Hate It - Forbes
For more than a decade, email has endured as the preferred mode for engaging journalists in an "earned media" paradigm. Of course, the term earned media wasn't in the PR lexicon ten years ago. We simply called it media or editorial relations. As...
June 26,
ToutApp 5.0 introduces Outlook Integration
ToutApp, the San Francisco-basd startup founded by Tawheed Kader with the goal of providing sales staff and other business professionals with email management and analytics, today unveiled a major update to its platform. ToutApp 5.0 brings a...
April 18,
ToutApp for Gmail Organizes Your Contacts, Tracks Sent Messages and Tells You When They're Opened
Firefox/Chrome: Google Contacts needs some work, and Google+ Circles in Gmail was supposed to give you quick access to the people you interact with most, but it's not terribly useful. That's where ToutApp comes in—their new Gmail plugin creates a...

April 16,
Food for Thought as a Small Business Interviewer
Drag writing the same emails, over and over? -ToutApp can help with that.  ToutApp is an  easy-simple-to-use email management and analytics system. ToutApp lets you create and save templates right from your emails; and even lets you track your "...

March 12,
Infinite Feedback Will Make Us Crazy
Adam's needle isn't moving. "Three minutes in, it's barely registering," he says. "But it usually takes 10 minutes or so for something to start getting decent traction, so I won't panic YET." Adam has just published an article on his site,...

March 6,
ADVICE: How to deal with an overflowing inbox
Sorry for taking so long to respond to your email." In the past few months, I have found myself typing that phrase at the beginning of an email more frequently then ever, and find that the number of emails I see coming across my inbox with a...

March 4,
Everything, Everywhere, All The Time | TechCrunch
The web is a blessing and a curse: there is simply too much information. And it's coming at us too quickly. Meanwhile, the tools we have to process the data flow are failing miserably, and yet, very few people are building us better ones....

February 27,
A Trio of Cool PR Tools - Forbes
I've been tinkering of late with several tools for PR pros, and thought I'd share my observations. No I don't intend to extoll the purported PR value of Pinterest. Although my ears did perk when I learned that the hyperbolic social-pinning site...

February 27,
ToutApp Rolls Out Trackable Email via Salesforce Integration
Enhancement includes improved email insights and timesaving features. ToutApp, an email management and analytics company, has released a new feature enabling users to send trackable email through Salesforce's CRM solution, giving sales and...

February 27,
ToutApp Rolls Out Trackable Email via Salesforce Integration
Enhancement includes improved email insights and timesaving features. ToutApp, an email management and analytics company, has released a new feature enabling users to send trackable email through Salesforce's CRM solution, giving sales and...

February 27,
6 Reasons Savvy Businesses Use Email, Not Social Media. PLUS: 2 Email Tools You Should Know About
We all know that social media and blogs are important - content (rather content in context) is the new digital currency of our professional and personal lives. However, when it comes time to make a strong CONNECTION with someone else it's often...

February 23,
Toutapp makes email engagement more social - Computer Business Review
Tineka Smith Published 23 February 2012 ToutApp allows real-time interaction for emails, allowing a more 'social' way for professionals to communicate. The email management and analytics company announced its Salesforce integration and email...

February 22,
Want To Track Who Read Your Email? ToutApp's Salesforce Integration Goes Live | TechCrunch
ToutApp, the email productivity app that emerged as part of the 500Startups Summer Accelerator program last year, is rolling out a new feature that will let users track their emails right from within Salesforce. With the update, ToutApp customers...

February 22,
ToutApp hooks up with Salesforce for real-time e-mail analytics
Back in November, we took a quick look at the Tout "e-mail as a service" platform for small businesses and individuals. The startup provides a web-based email analytics platform that lets users track the status of their messages from any email...

February 22,
ToutApp Brings Smarter Email to Salesforce Customers
Salesforce users are about to get the chance to enjoy smarter email after ToutApp announced it has integrated its services into the CRM giant. The email and analytics specialist is bringing a new tab of email functionality to Salesforce users...

February 3,
ToutApp Aims to Make Email More Efficient
January 30,
Tout App Adds Analytics To Your Email Management
With the Tout App, you can create email templates if you're constantly sending the same emails over and over again (I'm thinking salesman, marketers and PR folk). Just open the template, add the recipient's information, and boom, your email...

January 19,
Tout Wants to Tame Your Inbox
Each year, the average person receives about 15,000 e-mails. For business professionals, the number is a bit bigger, anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 messages a year, according to Tout, a small start-up company that tries to help people manage...

January 10,
Want A Complete Year-End Report On Your Email (For Free)? ToutApp Has You Covered. | TechCrunch
I've been meaning to write about this for awhile now, but I've been a bit under the weather and, well, email is not a subject I always enjoy — in discussion or in practice. Yes, as many have written before, we have a love-hate relationship with e...

January 4,
How well did you manage e-mail hell in 2011? Tout has the answer
Think you're an email ninja? Check yourself before you wreck your (online) self with Tout's special year-end product, Year in Review, built to help show email users their habits and trends in 2011. After allowing Tout access to your email, it...

January 2,
New Year's Resolution: Get Better At Email
So, how do you feel about email? It's a rough question to ponder on the first no-excuses work day of 2012. Email is like a treadmill. If we don't keep running, we're going to fall down. Maybe email would feel better if we started the new year off...

December 29,
Tout's Analytics Hold Up a Mirror to Email Behaviors - Technology Review
Thanks to email management startup Tout, I just got access to an analytics dashboard that includes an array of deftly visualized statistics covering my use of email in 2011. And you can too, right here. If you're wondering what you'll get in...

December 29,
ToutApp: Apple App to Summarizes Your Gmail Activities
Bangalore: ToutApp is the answer to all your questions regarding your mails for the entire year. ToutApp has launched a free app that will keep an eye and account on your number of mails sent, received, and even the rate at which they were...

December 29,
This Cool App Will Breakdown All Your Email Activity Into Handy Infographics | Complex
Over the past year, you probably spent countless hours inside of an email client— be it for work, play or a combination of both. Wouldn't it be nice to know where all that time went? ToutApp, a company that specializes in email solutions, is o...

December 29,
ToutApp launches Year In Review to analyze your Gmail account
ToutApp is known for their email management solutions. The company has launched a special app to celebrate New Year that allows you to know more about your emailing habits on Gmail. The app analyzes your Google Apps and regular Gmail account and...
December 27,
See How Many People Replied to Your Emails This Year
ToutApp's got an interesting year-end tool that scans your Gmail account and gives you a year-end inventory of stuff that's happened in your account. Among the useful things they provide are total emails sent/received, what percentage of your...

December 26,
Analyze This: You Wrote How Many Emails This Year?
It's that looking-back time of year again, when friends post collages of Facebook status updates, calendars of Foursquare check-ins and year-ago-today tweets. Here's a year-end recap app that could actually be useful: ToutApp analyzes your email...
December 19,
Google Fiber TV Coming Soon to a Living Room Near You
Expecting an important email? Then you're probably tethered to your inbox. AwayFind attempts to free you by alerting you through a phone call, SMS or IM when that important email rolls in. Boomerang adds a button to your Gmail or Outlook...

December 15,
ToutApp 4.0 Solves Repetitive & Time Wasting Emails for Businesses
The incredible App which was hailed as is a smart solution to repetitive and time wasting emails has just had an update. ToutApp 4.0, which was created by Tawheed Kader and released back in 2010, has had a bevy of improvements included to make...

December 12,
Platform takes the pain out of email - Email Marketing - BizReport
ToutApp has both a free and paid program, with both brands can create templates, personalize and measure campaigns. The paid plan allows for unlimited templates and options; the free plan allows for five templates. They also offer mobile and web...

December 12,
ToutApp Brings Sanity To Repetitive Outgoing Emails
The Spark of Genius Series highlights a unique feature of startups and is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Name: ToutApp Quick Pitch: ToutApp lets...

December 8,
Tout Shows Who's Reading or Ignoring E-Mails
Users who compose and send messages through the Tout app -- available on the iPhone, as a Gmail plugin and through the Tout website -- can immediately check to see which recipients have read it and keep tabs on any links followed from within the...
December 5,
Tout-The New Obnoxious Way to Tell if People Are Reading Your Emails
Anybody who's worked in a cubicle is familiar the Outlook Request Read Receipt—that horrid popup that demands you confirm you have indeed read (and summarily deleted) the TPS report Ted from accounting had sent out. Now, Tout, a new email t...

December 5,
This App Actually Lets You See Who's Opening Your Emails And Who's Ignoring Them - Business Insider
Tout tracks emails using a secret method the company couldn't tell us about. We'll bet it works something like MovableInk's emails, which can tell exactly when an email is opened and then play a relevant ad inside the email. The point is, it...

November 16,
Toutapp - An Easier Way To Share Your Contact Information -- AppAdvice
If you often need to share contact information at conferences, networking events or business meetings, consider downloading the $0.99 toutapp iPhone application. Once downloaded, the app can be used to quickly and easily send users' contact...

November 8,
Repetitive email solution ToutApp comes to iOS; adds Gmail integration
ToutApp is a Web app that makes sending repetitive emails a lot easier by letting you use templates for the various types of emails you have to send throughout the day. We took a look at the service back in June and then took its iPhone app for a...

November 8,
ToutApp Launches iOS App To Let You Track Email Views And Clicks (And More) On The Go | TechCrunch
ToutApp was part of 500 Startups' summer batch of little monsters and launched this June with $350,000 in funding from Esther Dyson, Eric Ries, Daniel Eskapa, NYC Seed Fund, Joshua Baer, and more. Why? Well, ToutApp has an intriguing value...

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