Toutal Package Webinar Recap

Mar 19, 2014, by Brittany Allyn, Happiness Officer

Last week, TK (our CEO) gave an international webinar on the "Intermediate" tools of ToutApp. Like every new program you're learning, there are always features that are being under-utilized. In this webinar, we'll teach you the 50% of Tout tools you're not using that will make a significant impact on your sales workflow.

The Webinar Agenda

  1. Learn to prioritize your follow-ups
  2. Increase connect-rates over the phone
  3. Never get yelled at by your Manager! (Find out about your new best friend Niko)
  4. Tap into instant business-level data

Too excited to wait and see? Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn...


#1 - Intelligently follow-up.


#2 - Call your prospects when they're "thinking" of you.


#3 - Niko--Your new best friend and automatic CRM updater.

#4 - Integrate your data systems into Tout. See things like: billing info, sign-up dates, how many templates they're using, etc.


Next Steps:

We want feedback. What kind of webinars and tutorials would you love to see? Tell us here. 
Want to watch more tutorials? We have more tutorials on getting the most out of sales acceleration technology.

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