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How We Saved $5K By Creating Our Own Product Videos
Feb 19, 2013

You can always whip out the flip camera, shoot some action and upload it to YouTube for free. Or you can always use a video production company to produce and edit a quality video for around $4K to $10K. Although both options would result in a finished video realistically you are either wasting your time or wasting your money. So, over here at ToutApp we found a happy medium by using the following tools and resources below we saved big bucks and ended up with some quality videos.

Jen Nordine
User of the Week: Owen uses ToutApp for Customer Development
Feb 5, 2013

ToutApp’s templates, tracking, and follow-up mechanisms help Owen, Co-Founder at SweetProcess get his emails done faster and more intelligently.

Jen Nordine
Sales in the 80’s: What can we learn?
Feb 4, 2013

People seem to forget that salespeople are the ones that help funnel the growth of any given company, product, or idea not necessarily the CEO or founders.

Jen Nordine
Team of the Week: Ambassador always has their Live Feed running
Jan 21, 2013

Learn how Ambassador uses email tracking to hone their email engagement strategy.

Lauren Buchsbaum
Let’s Talk About Sales Relationships
Jan 10, 2013

Rediscovering the possibilities with sales relationships through Tout shared groups. Much more than just a stagnant list of contacts.

Tara Meyer

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