14 Reasons Why Tout is our Valentine

It’s that time of year again – where we share our warm and fuzzy feelings about our loved ones, friends and our jobs. Over the past year, ToutApp has grown tremendously with each new person bringing in their unique personality and quirkiness. Yes, it’s true. We can’t hide it. We love ToutApp and we wanted to share our feelings about it with you:



1. Steven, Engineering Manager:
Everyone is crazy… and it’s awesome.



2. Sarah, Happiness Officer: 
I love Tout because of the energy, the synergy, the good vibes that course through the office even on the most meager of Mondays. Tout is a home away from home. #GoodVibes


3. Tara, Manager Customer Success:

I love the feeling of waking up every morning excited to start the day at Tout. It breaks down to the team, culture and our customers. Everyday there’s a new challenge to tackle, opportunity to grow or an experience to learn from which is addicting. The tout team is a perfect combination of a little quirky, super smart and all around kick-ass.


4. April, Customer Success Manager:
I love how intelligent my team is.  Seriously, they are the most brilliant group of people I’ve ever worked with. From troubleshooting to creative outreach I am daily impressed by the people I’m surrounded with. There hasn’t been a day that goes by that I haven’t learned something new either about our product, our culture or about myself.
5. Brooke, Happiness Officer:
Hands down the people make this company what it is today. We all have that go getter mentality that is otherwise known as a 10xer. Aside from the people, I love the 20% projects we all work on and are so passionate about. I think its so unique to find a company that not only allows you, but gives you 100 percent support to pursue these projects. #TOUTLOVE



6. Tamara, Customer Success Manager: 

Trying not to echo everything that was said, aside from the people and overall culture – I think it’s great to have open lines of communication across the company. That way you’re consistently aware of what’s going on and up to date on upcoming releases/events, etc. Way better than looking like an idiot when a customer knows more than you do. :)



7. Nick, Sales Happiness Officer:

For me, it’s inevitable that work is going to take over a great deal of your life, no matter what desk you sit at today. In order to love what you do, all while feeling accomplished, you must feel inspired by a purpose. Tout is that purpose for all of us. It’s not just work for this team, we’re family.
My colleagues attitude, drive, success and outlandish support make me jump out of bed in the morning. To know how to do something well is to truly enjoy it. Tout not only embraces that passion, but we spread that love in a contagious fashion to our customers and prospects daily to be better in every way.
You have to ask yourself, “if today was the last day of my life, would I want to be doing what I’m doing today?” Not only is this what I love to do, but these amazing individuals at Tout make me a better human. What else could you ask for?
Oh we also have kegs. #GoDucks


8. Stephanie, Customer Success Manager:
The energy in the office is addicting. We support each other, are constantly learning from one another, and celebrate our wins together.


9. Jeffrey, Sales Happiness Officer: 
The ability to consistently learn and feel energized by everyone I work with.
10. Vince, Sales Happiness Officer: 
I would probably say that Tout is special for a few more reasons:
– The innovative nature of the business, as evidenced by our CEO TK’s forward thinking.
-The competitive but friendly environment, everyone wants to succeed and better themselves but not at the expense of their peers
– Athleticism abounds in the office, “clap, clap” (Whenever anyone claps twice in succession, the whole office does pushups together)
– We are all party people who can have fun together outside of the office



11. James, Happiness Officer:

I get to do what I’m passionate about as well as embrace an awesome culture. I feel like there’s a lot of potential within the product that has yet to be tapped into. I look forward to seeing the company grow into something amazing; like a caterpillar blossoming into a butterfly.


12. Dan, Sales Happiness Officer:
My more-than-platonic feelings for ToutApp come from the shared mission to be more than the sum of our parts that can truly help our customers with something amazing. We’re building something truly beautiful and unique for sales people that will change how businesses communicate with their customers. There is nothing I love more than being able to help others be successful with what they care about.


13. Ali, Product Manager:
I’ve never worked anywhere where the smallest things are not only noticed, but celebrated. Whether it’s a birthday, a deal closed (no matter the dollar amount), an issue being fixed, a small feature, a work anniversary, etc. – it gets called out and celebrated. I absolutely love working in a place that has so much positivity (and let’s be honest, crazy) exuding from the walls every day.


14. Jenn, Executive Assistant:
I love that we celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and that each one of us can contribute our special skill or talent to the company in our own way.
Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!
Team ToutApp

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