Taken by Tout: Why I hopped on the Tout Bus

Change is afoot. Disruption is brewing. Investment and consolidation are the buzzwords of the day. Cloud computing – specifically marketing technology – is one hot target: speculation around IBM’s Silverpop take-over,

Oracle’s 1.5B Responsys acquisition and SFDC nabbing ExactTarget for a cool 2.5B. This is a trend, not a flash in the pan. The “Marketing Cloud” is proving itself to be not just a catchphrase – but a corporate necessity.

The real question is where will the capital flow next? Analysts are talking about the evolution of the CDO, and the impending battle of the CMO vs. CIO. While I agree that marketing is earning more seats at the table, and organizations need the right leaders to architect strategy in the age of the customer – but what about the sales organization? The organization that’s tasked with executing the growth plan and building brand relationships beyond the scope of marketing.

What about the sales person?

How has sales changed in the last 20 years? How has the process evolved for a rep at Pfizer? Before you respond with – think about the audience Salesforce serves. caters to one stakeholder within the sales organization: the manager. While does allow the sales person to create Activities and Opportunities, both are used primarily to provide better transparency for management – forecast pipeline and assess win rates.

Salespeople matter. These teams drive revenue, take the hard beatings and thrive on challenge. They’re hungry. They need and want anything that ensures success. They’re ready for a “Sales Cloud”. How do we begin addressing this thirsty desire? ToutApp is ready and waiting with some hydration — and I’m thrilled to be on this thirst quenching train.

In just over twelve months, we’ve seen VC’s begin to address the disruption of sales: 50M C-round for ClearSlide, 40M C-round for RelateIQ, and 35M B-round for The revolution in sales began with the social selling movement via Jill Rowley, Koka Sexton, and others; but, will gain momentum around the empowerment of the sales person through the effective use of technology.

Sales leaders educate, engage, and leverage social networks to deliver relevant insight that creates relationships. The problem? How do you know what’s working? That’s where ToutApp fits in – exposing engagement data, thus, empowering the sales person to make effective decisions. ToutApp is centered on the sales person, and provides the ability to test and optimize content delivery at the individual and collaborative level. Management can finally answer the $64M dollar question: what messaging generates more Opportunities.

Why I hopped on the bus? ToutApp has a kick-ass team with a vision of changing the face of sales.

National Salesperson Day 2014

We came, we partied, we networked.

San Franciscan Salespeople gathered on March 7th to celebrate a glorious holiday dedicated just to them– National Salesperson Day! The backroom of Marengo on Union St (home to SF's famous sliders) was a packed house! Companies gathered from Guidespark, Bizo, Peek, Bannerman, Mark & Graham, InsideView and many more! 

Why are salespeople an important (best) part of Silicon Valley?

If it wasn’t for sales teams’, many companies wouldn’t IPO or get the press that we read about in the tech mags we skim each morning. Sales can drive a company's growth and contribute to it “making or breaking” it.  That’s some serious power. We also think the term cold-call sales (wo)man is extremely outdated. You’re data driven, strategic, and analytical.

Your intuition for understanding people puts you above the rest. According to Inc. Magazine, Salespeople are thought leaders and early adopters for some of the most important aspects of the business world, i.e. smartphones and CRM systems. 

ToutApp believes salespeople are the unsung heroes of Silicon Valley, so we had a big reason to PARTY!

Some soundbites from the night:

“It was awesome to know there are other salespeople hustling in this city as much as I am. I couldn't have picked a more fun event to go to and met a smarter group of people.”
-Chantelle Hartshorne, Sprig

“ToutApp did a great job of hosting salespeople in a relaxing and fun setting. Sliders and drinks are a great way to get people together”

-Victoria Gomez, Bizo

“Such a great networking event and I met so many people in this city that I know I'm going to stay in contact with. On top of that, the social aspect was the perfect way to start my weekend!”
-Summer Wilson, Mark & Graham 

“Sliders are for closers!”
-Johnny Chin, Bannerman

“Aside from offering an invaluable sales tool, ToutApp gave us what we all really need at the end of the day… a big glass of wine!”

-Jordan Porter, Beautified


Some pics:

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**Thank you to everyone that helped celebrate. We can't wait to throw many more #partywithsalespeeps parties throughout the country. Stay tuned for the next one! **

-Team ToutApp