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Marketing Automation Doesn’t Close Deals - People Do.
Sep 8, 2014

Marketing Automation doesn't close deals, people do. An update on the state of marketing automation and how to fix things.

Daniel Barber
Confessions of a Content Marketer
Apr 22, 2014

I'm on a mission to deliver fantastic, empowering, and educational content to salespeople everywhere.

Brittany Allyn
Why you should consider a career in Sales
Apr 17, 2014

Sales has changed. Now the idea of a Salesperson is changing. Take the next step in your career and become a Salesperson.

Tawheed Kader (TK)
ToutApp’s New Marketo Integration
Apr 9, 2014

Our New Integration Bridges the Divide between Marketing and Sales

Brittany Allyn
How Dyn Uses ToutApp’s Email Tracking and Analytics to Delight Customers
Apr 2, 2013

See how Dyn, the world leader in Internet Infrastructure-as-a-Service uses ToutApp's email tracking and analytics to engage and delight their customers.

Lauren Buchsbaum

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